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Giveaway: LaterDude Pro – 200 Free Copies!

LaterDudePro LaterDude Pro is an awesome little utility for your BlackBerry. The app is on sale for today for 99 cents if you need it now after which it goes up to $2.99. The app is really useful considering how it simplifies creating a new event or task from your call log, messages, or address book. I am always forgetting to call people back and this has been my current solution.

Giveaway details: Fabian has graciously provided 200 free copies of LaterDude Pro for readers who comment on this article. Just leave a comment with your name and valid email address and if you are randomly selected you will win a free copy of LaterDude Pro! Comments must be left before Oct 13th at 11:59PM EST to win and winners should hopefully be notified the following day. Only one comment per user will be accepted!

From the description:

LaterDude Pro is an application that reminds you to call, SMS or email someone. The efficiency of it is that it interacts with the system and creates a new event into the internal calendar or task application.

After installation, LaterDude Pro is available for use on your device. The new version has an icon for easier access.

You click on Menu -> Later, Dude! to access the application.
If you are in the following applications then you can invoke the currently selected entry:

– Call Log
– Messages/email Application
– SMS Application
– Address Book List

From these 4 applications you can select an entry to directly get its contents imported into the fields of LaterDude Pro.

For example if you want to get notified tomorrow that you have to contact your Doctor, you go into the Address Book, scroll to your Doctor’s entry, press Menu -> Later, Dude! to set up a call-back reminder. The phone number and name is then already set in the LaterDude Pro application.

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  1. Quote: ….you will win a free copy of AddOnis!

    So whats the giveaway, Addonis or LaterDudePro? :)

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  8. This application us useful for me. Living far from my family and this comes in handy. A reminder to call my family back home.

  9. Please pick me. I love this site and check it out multiple times a day for the well-updated Excitement!

  10. Way cool!

  11. I always need to call people back and forget, this would rock!

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  14. I’d like a copy please thank-you!

  15. I’ve never checked the pro version …. might be interesting.

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  17. Very cool

  18. This would come in handy to remind me to call all those applePhone users and rub it in that my berry can actually MAKE calls. Haha

  19. Sweet, count me in!

  20. This sounds like a great app or when you HAVE to screen calls (like when in meetings or just not bothered to answer). I’d love to have a copy!

  21. Count me in for this one as well!

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  23. this could come in handy !

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  25. I would graciously emabrace a copy. I know it would definately come in handy. I fall behind at times when it comes to remember that I have a call to return or follow up.

  26. Sounds interesting, let’s give it a go…

  27. Would love to get a copy! thank you.

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  36. I have tried this app and it is excellent. Fabian creates great apps a must to buy. I have bought his apps before. Would to get this one of his apps for free. Thanks Fabian for all you do.

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  39. Looks like a pretty useful app…. count me in!

  40. I am hoping to win a copy. I like the program and Fabian has been very responsive to my questions about Later Dude Pro and he seems to be continually adding features that people are requesting!

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  43. Come on! Let me win something finally. I always enter and never win :-(

  44. I would love to win a copy. This should have been included in OS 4.5+ a long time ago for heavy users of calendars and tasks, such as myself.

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    pallan [at] gmail . com

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  52. Have been using the free version and must say what an app!
    I have been wishing to purchase this but being in the finance industry right now isn’t good for me as the economy is horroble :(
    I’d love to win this- will def. boost up my call backs for my work :)

    Thanks for offering!

  53. Nice application from Fabian.

  54. Would love to have this application…..maybe now ill remember to call back…..please share the wealth aka offer me one

  55. Come on guys… 99 cents. Please. I’ll pay that.

    That being said, I’ll still take it for free. 😉

  56. Cool app, count me in for the contest :-)


  57. I had a trial version and liked it. I would love a free copy! Thanks

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  71. good app for people like me, who tends to forget to call back

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  73. this is a great tools for marketers..

  74. In Spanish (because the Latinamerican are readers too of this page)

    Later dude es una aplicación Reminder excelente para nuestros Blackberry dado que no tiene precio tener siempre a mano un recurso que nos permita no dejar pasar por debajo de la mesa ningún evento o compromiso, en especial, porque las notificaciones son la especialidad de nuestros dispostivos. En conclusión, hay que probarlo. Gracias Berry Review

  75. Very useful application!
    Later, don’t forget to call, dude… :-)


  76. I am a new blackberry user and realy like my phone. This app would work great in my wife’s new catering business. We anticipate many call backs and need a hands on way to keep up!

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  83. Wow, this is so exciting I hope I win…I noticed it had only 96 comments left so far so i thought my odds couldn’t be too slim…I usually don’t bother commenting for things like this because I’m either too late or I just don’t have time to try for something I probably won’t win…well I’m feeling lucky =D

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  108. Many thanks to Fabian and BR for the giveaway! :)

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  110. Yes!!! Thanks for LDP – everyone must have been a winner (i.e. 127 replies and 200 copies to giveaway)! :)

    Thanks Fabian & BR!!! 😀

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  112. Let me win Later DudePro is a gerat Tool and i need it :)

  113. Thanks Berryreview and Fabian. Much Appreciated..

  114. Thanks to the Berryreview team and fabian for Later Dude pro, its awesome. Thanks a lot guys.

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    Much appreciated.

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    I love this app.. 😀

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