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BlackBerry App World Average App Price 3X the Competition

Its not the best apples to apples comparison but Distimo released a report comparing the average software category prices across the competing app stores. Not surprisingly the BlackBerry App World average price is 3 times the competition on average. I know there are probably thousands of apps in the iTunes and Android store that are priced at 99 cents bringing their average down. Still its kind of crazy to see these numbers.


I know I have gotten used to paying a premium for BlackBerry apps. For example, getting a secure information storage app like SplashID or Ascendo DataVault will run you $30+ for BlackBerrys while similar apps can be found dirt cheap on competing stores.

Still I am curious to hear what you all think? Do you feel you are getting more for your money in a BlackBerry app? Do you think there is not enough competition? Does it have to do with the $2.99 starting price in the App World? Or is the BlackBerry platform just not lucrative for cheap apps?

I could not help but compare this report with a recent article I read on Gizmodo about how the Apple App Store is running low on lucrative apps. Maybe those super low price points are just not sustainable?

via TechCrunch

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  1. That’s what I’ve been saying since I bought a blackberry last year. And the reason why I will be buying an iphone once my contract with USCELL is up. It’s all about the apps, and Blackberry is light years behind the competition in terms of apps available, and pricing of apps. Why pay 5 dollars for one crappy app when the istore has 50 free, better versions available?

    • Yeah, you can never have enough iFart or iSpoof apps….

      • But at least they’re available, as are literally thousands of others. An iphone can help me with tying my tie for free, while I have to pay 5 bucks for a lighter, junkier version for bberry. Just one of a LOT of very similar examples

        • You are dead on about the cost of and availability of applications for iPhone versus BlackBerry. That will be changing soon, however, as RIM has opened up BIS-B and Push services in the developers alliance program to the little guys, finally! cj100570 is also correct…the vast majority of applications in their 50,000+ repository are pure junk.

  2. This is why I don’t like buying apps any more. The prices are crazy, and that whole supply/demand argument is bs to me.

    Somehow, I have a feeling tetherberry would sell a lot more if it was 1/4 the price.

  3. I don’t know if its easier to develop on the iPhone, but I hate paying twice the price for the same application.

  4. Sad to see but I definitely believe it. I don’t know what the hold up has been w/ Blackberry stepping up their app game, but there is tremendous opportunity there. What pisses me off the most is that there are some apps like Shazam and XM that are free to iPhoners and we get charged for them. I don’t see how BB has allowed their users to get the short end of the stick. Blackberry needs to understand that the future of their products is consumer driven, so yeah it’s stupid to have the iFart or Shake a Baby apps but if that’s what consumers want to be attracted to the phone, gimmicky apps like these should be considered.

    If Blackberry doesn’t step up their game in 2010 it might be the last year I champion for this seemingly lost cause. 🙁

  5. From a developer’s perspective, BlackBerry is just not lucrative enough if prices are in the $0.99 range. At that price it is all about quantity. As long as RIM does not put AppWorld on every phone like the AppStore is on every iPhone I do not see this happen.

    My wife is no techie at all but has bought several iPhone apps. If she had a BlackBerry she would never 1. know how to install AppWorld to purchase apps 2. not even know that AppWorld exists.

  6. The thing to me is not only are the apps more costly, but at least with my Storm (my first Blackberry), memory usage is at a premium as well. That means I am less likely to buy an app unless I am sure I am going to find it useful and useful for an extended period of time. To spend $.99 or less on some app that may have just occasional usage is fine if it does not affect the performance of the phone (like I hear about the iPhone), however if it does cause my phone to run slower, even when not being used because it is using up application memory, then I want my phone as lean and mean as possible. Even free apps I am hesitant to install, and if I do not use them very often, I rather do without then see the memory on the phone drop below 15MB.

    I think if memory was not an issue, then I, for one would be more likely to try out apps, keep the apps and even possibly put down hard earned money for them, even if they are slightly more expensive than the competition.

  7. I have been an Apple fan since the Apple IIgs and original Macintosh (which I still own). I have owned a Blackberry due to my employer/job for 5 years. The Blackberry is a great device for e-mail. In my opinion, when coupled with the Blackberry Enterprise Server – it is a much better e-mail solution than the iPhone. Beyond e-mail – the iPhone clearly bests the Blackberry (any Blackberry) in every conceivable category. Web browsing, applications, integration with iTunes and MobileMe. The iPhone is simply a better designed, better executed platform. When you add the App Store – it becomes a no-brainer. If my employer didn’t require me to carry a Blackberry, I would switch to the iPhone in a millisecond. One real issue with the Blackberry is its management (or lack thereof) of memory. What a poor design.

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