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Verizon Commercial Really Digs Into AT&T 3G Coverage

I was debating posting this commercial but after all the tips sent in about it I caved… Verizon aired a commercial about their network parodying Apple & AT&T’s “there’s an app for that” style commercial. This one is “there is a map for that” touting Verizon’s supposed 3G coverage superiority. Check it out below:

Personally I have heard arguments from both both sides of the fence and its hard to compare one map to the other. AT&T does not really provide you with a coverage map for 3G only on a national scale. They only show you city by city or total data coverage including EDGE on the national level. Verizon is also tricky with their partners that they share towers with. Many people love the features available on GSM carriers like conference calling and setting ring length but solid call quality is nothing to shake a stick at. Still the iPhone has been killing AT&T’s network out here in NYC so I am all for giving them a little taste of their medicine. Even if it may be wrong… It still feels so right!

via Engadget Mobile

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  1. Yeah you are wrong. I can 100% confirm that the ATT 3G map from the commercial is spot on. ATT wisely decided not to allow the ability to show only 3G coverage on the map to customers, as it looks pretty bad. However, ATT employees can see it internally. There is no debate, or argument there. VZW’s 3G coverage, far surpasses AT&T’s. It’s not even close. However, AT&T has the advantage of being a little faster, and have voice and data at the same time. It depends on what is most important to each individual. If AT&T’s data was leaps and bounds faster than VZW, I’d choose them, however, that is certainly not the case. The simultaneous voice and data is sweet though. For me, coverage/quality is always my top priority with a provider.

    Oh yeah, if the map from the commercial was inaccurate, I guarantee that you hear/see something official from AT&T in that regard.

  2. yea u right i work in CC for att and we got a email about that lol

  3. You know wut it may b tru that currently verizons network is larger but my iphone still works great on my at&t network and it really is the most incredible phone I’ve ever had.Let me tell u another thing, I got a paycut at work and called at&t to see if there was anyway they could work with me on getting some kind of payment arrangement, and they did! They worked with me and the customer service was amazing! I had verizon for 5 years before my iphone and never received that kind of courtesy. I kno at&t is the underdog as far as network coverage but I kno their gonna improve their technology soon and when they do verizon and tmobile are done.

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