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Giveaway Winners – Addonis All-In-One Utility

addonis We are happy to announce the winners of our Addonis Giveaway. Sorry for the delay on the announcement of the winners but we just automated the whole process. This new automated random giveaway service will let us run more giveaways since we no longer have to wait for our team cat to randomly choose winners.

You will find the list of winners after the jump. In case you did not win you can pick up a copy of Addonis for $9.95 in the store. I want to thank Twinkler Software for making this giveaway possible! If you did win then make sure to thank Twinkler in the comments. If not better luck on our next giveaway!

Diego Nei
Lorne C.
Jon Kim
Phil G
Ron Lucas


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  1. Holy crap!! I’ve never won one of these before.

  2. Oh yeah, Thanks Twinkler!

  3. Congrats to all the winners! I purchased this app when it came out of beta and, though it’s simple, you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Gratz for all the winners 🙂

  5. Thanks berryreview. I must say I truly appreciate ure generosity time after time.

  6. Thanks Twinkler!
    Thanks BerryReview!

  7. Awesome!! thank you.

  8. Yee I won..
    Thanx twinkler and berryreview 😀

  9. Wow – thanks twinkler!

  10. Thank you Oh So Much!! 🙂

  11. Thanks Twinkler!!!!

  12. Thanks BerryReview and Twinkler!!!

  13. I can’t thank Berry Review & Twinkler Software enough for offering this contest! For those of you that keep missing out on the free give-a-ways & contests, take it from me (a recently self-proclaimed “loser” in that department!) that if you just keep trying, your time will come, too! Mine finally did, so virtually ANYTHING is possible! =^) Berry Review – you rock for all you do! Twinkler, thank you again! I can’t wait to experience your software!

  14. Great I won!!!
    Thanks Twinkler and thaks BerryReview!!!

  15. Thank you so much Twinkler! I’ve tried Addonis and I love it! Thanks again!

  16. Congra to the winners. Share your comments about the app plz

    Enjoy you great app

  17. Twinkler Software, thank you for the Giveaway. It’s a great little utility that no Blackberry should be without.

    [email protected]

  18. oh my god!!! thanks so much!!!!! I have become 1 in 30 winers .

  19. To all the winners Twinkler Software let us know that their internet is down which is why the prizes have not gone out yet. They are working on getting some wireless cards so they can get back online. Prizes should hopefully be going out soon!

  20. Anyone know how the winners obtain the program?

    [email protected]

  21. Thanks for the app guys how do we download it

  22. Aye I got me key code last wk
    But don’t know were to use it.
    Tried berryreview mobile store
    And had a look at twinkler
    software but no joy

  23. I’ve also not received my code. Not been contacted at all. Checked junk and everywhere else 🙂

  24. I received email from Rory Shur about confirm my information in the Spam Filter, I sent my information but I don’t receive my code :(. I think their internet has been having severe issues

  25. I received an email asking for my pin and have heard nothing since…anyone have any further info?

  26. Is there something we can/need to do or do we just wait for Twinkler to contact us?

  27. where i can buy this software?

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