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iconmanager ToySoft let me know about their latest release iconManager. This app seems to be a combination of a few widgets that show up as homescreen icons. That is the best description I could come up with: Homescreen icon widgets. The idea is really cool but currently there are only 2 icons available but more will be coming as a free upgrade. Considering the features and the available icons the app is priced perfectly at 99 cents on sale until Oct 16th. Hopefully the next icon available will be creating your own website shortcuts.

From the description:

iconManager is a icon manager to mange AppIcons apps created by Toysoft. AppIcon is a application that updates the icon on the HomeScreen to give you the most current information about a subject. Currently included with iconManager are:

  • iCalendar – an appIcon that displays the current day and optionally show the icon name in day of the week or month eg: Friday or October. The day is automatically update when it changes. You can change the Calendar icon and text color. Include are 5 different calendar icons. Support Themes with hidden items.
  • iBattery – an appIcon that displays the current battery charge. It shows a graphical display of the actual battery percentage charged. optionally you can set the icon name to the charge percent eg: 90%

When you purchase iconManager you will get future new appIcons free.


  • Includes iCalendar appIcon
  • Support Themes with hidden items on OS 4.7 and higher
  • Includes iBattery appIcon
  • Select from 5 different calendar icon templates
  • Change color for the icon
  • No additional setup is required after initial install and configuration of each appIcon
  • cool display of icons
  • icons are updated automatically and on each system reset
  • iCalendar supports localization eg: english, french, spanish etc…

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