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UPDATE: BlackBerry Messenger NOW Officially in App World!!!

BlackBerry-messenger-app-world Todd just let me know that he spotted BlackBerry Messenger in the BlackBerry App World at this link below:

Link in App World Web Store or

UPDATE 2: Looks like it is available outside of the App World at:

Update 1: Just got the feature list from RIM

  • Avatars can be easily set up and then populated from BlackBerry Contacts
  • Group Functionality – allows groups of friends, family and personal contacts to stay connected & share experiences instantly on their BlackBerry smartphones:
    • ongoing group chat
    • sharing pictures
    • organizing tasks and events with shared lists and calendars
  • Bar-code identity – easily add/invite contacts to BlackBerry Messenger by displaying a 2-dimensional bar code that the invitees can capture with their BlackBerry camera
  • Large Media File Transfer – up to 6MB

The download is a whopping 2.8 megabytes but it looks like it is worth it. I am still waiting for my device to reboot and heading to the bar but let us know what you find in the comments! I wonder how long it will take this one to take top place in the App World charts.

PS. App World says it supports all devices in all countries. Not sure how that works…

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  1. Thank you very much.

  2. Finally the official release. It has some changes from beta that was floating around.

    Recommend the update to everyone, especially if you weren’t already running the beta

    Well worth your time and effort!!

  3. “PS. App World says it supports all devices in all countries. Not sure how that works…”
    I was ecstatic to finally see the official version available.. For everyone in all countries 🙂
    But its rather confusing when I can’t even DL appworld n the link posted in the text doesn’t work for me as I’m in Indonesia, not a country supported by the appworld.
    Can any1 suggest me whr I can get my hands on an official release of BBM5?
    Or pass us the OTA link?
    Thanx 🙂

  4. Yes please let me know if there is an OTA link as well. I am running OS on my 8330 and I can’t seem to get App World on my phone it gives me a connection error.

  5. THANX!!!!! Really appreciate it! 😀
    I js DLed it n it is awesome!
    Nw all I need is OS V5.0 to be able to fully use the BBM5.0 functions. Sweet!!!
    Cheers 😀

  6. I’m a new BB user and I have no experience with the world of PINs etc. Help me understand the social dynamics of this…

    Let’s use my kid as an example. He has a bunch of friends; some of them are BB users, most are not. I’d think that the way to get people hooked into the BB would be that BBM would let all of these kids talk to each other, just that those on the BB would get extra benefits, like no limit in the messages, faster interactio, etc. But, IIUC, it seems that BBM forces all the kids in the exchange to be BB users.

    Do I get this right? If so, this does not seem a good viral way for RIM to get people to use BBs.

    • yes and is partly because each blackberry has it’s own unique pin, there are other workarounds for windows mobile but is a bit more complicated. the blackberry does support all major chat or im clients too.

    • You would think that it’s not a good way, but pretty much everyone in Venezuela that owns a Blackberry (which is an EXTREMELY high percentage of the population compared to other countries) has one because of the BB Messenger.

  7. Thanks for the reply.
    I think I understand the technical aspects. It is the social part I don’t understand.
    In the original world of corporate use of BB, I can see how it would be OK to make BBM be only for BB users. But consumers are spread across providers. If RIM wants a viral adoption of BBs it needs to assume that diversity and it needs to make the benefits of BBs be evident to those not using them.
    I think that would work in arrangement that benefits the BBM participant that is on the BB w/o excuding the lesser participant that is on, say the iPhone

  8. Wokr like a charm on my Bold with 🙂 the new BBM is better than previous v5*8. Now i must find my backup file from 5.0.8 which has more contacts.

  9. Installed it 2 hours ago on my Bold with OS Working great. Excellent upgraded version.

  10. The only thing after downloading, is that the main screen of contacts does not show their status (which it used to under the old .08 leak) Anyone else notice this or have this issue. Ive re-installed it a couple of times with the same issue so I assume it to be the way it is….

    • I am having the same problem – I can no longer see if my contacts are away, on the phone, etc. now that I have loaded on the new BBM version. Have you found out anything? How to fix it?

  11. Install proceedure? Should I uninstall BBM first?

    • I didn’t did you? Either way if something goes wrong your contacts are already backup if u were using the beta version

      • Since the beta was listed under Applications just as BBM as apposed to how official versions were listed, I decided it would be best to backup my contacts, and then uninstall BBM 5.0.8. I am now rebooting and will see how the install goes.

        • HELP HELP!! I unstalled BBM 5.0.8, then rebooted. Then from App World installed the new one. It was installing in App World, and my BB then rebooted, not initiated by me. Now when it boots up, it reboots, stuck in a continuous reboot cycle! I had updated my 8900 to a few days earlier (official release) on Tuesday. So my OS and BBM are official versions, and I am getting this reboot cycle. HELP!!!

  12. Launch app loader and see if it is listed on there and maybe remove it, if not you might need to wipe it and redo OS install and leave out BLACKBERRY messenger out of the install once done start fresh and install new BLACKBERRY messenger n restore contacts. U should try BSAk is a really nice tool for wiping, istalling os .cod back up third party apps.

  13. It looks good.

    I lost all of my bbm contacts though. I thought I had a backup on my phone, but apparently the folder was empty.

  14. Why doesn’t the Show on Home Screen not work….If I Select a contact, click the BlackBerry Button and in the menu I select Show On HomeScreen….nothing happens on HomeScreen and I don’t see the Contact on the HomeScreen. Any help please? Rest everything works awesome! and ver 5.0 BBM rocks!

    I am running 8900 Javelin with


  15. The file size is 2871kb – NOT 2.8mb.

    2.8mb would be 28,000kb.

  16. I have been running the leaked non-official version of this, so was extremely pleased to see it released in AppWorld. Features I like best are the larger files that one can send through the new BIM, I have tried with up to 2MB files, but this is supposed to be 2.8MB I believe.

    Also, the Remote Backup function is great.

    As for BIM outside of BlackBerry, I think we have the potential to see RIM releasing some sort of a PIN solution, we may even see a PC/Mac PIN chat utility that, like GoogleTalk can chat to other PC/Mac clients and PIN clients. The PIN address space is incredible large 36 ^ (36-1), so there are plenty of PINs to go round for a PC based application…

    RIM would have to privide serves that are accessible through the Internet for this purpose though, as right now PIN messaging is only available on the Blackberry.NET APN on mobile networks, and it does not run on the Internet APN.

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