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Vonage Releases Long Distance Dialing BlackBerry App

Picture 1 Vonage let me know that they just released a free BlackBerry app that lets you take advantage of their cheaper long distance rates. Personally I use Telna for long distance but Vonage is pretty solid. The calls are dialed directly from the phone but don’t go over VoiP so you are still charged local minutes on your cellphone.

From the description:

Users can download the app for BlackBerry here. Vonage Mobile international rates save users more than 50% in dozens of countries as compared to wireless carriers. Best of all, they can use their existing mobile numbers, contacts and device interface to place the calls. Just use your existing contact list and click and dial – no extra steps. Users also receive real-time balance updates to ensure they always make the calls they want. The app utilizes your existing cell phone number so people recognize who is calling.

Thanks to everybody else who also sent this in!

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  1. I use Rebtel. Rebtel is just super!

  2. CHeck the Rates for international calls! Google voice looks like they are cheaper!

  3. This is app is a total and utter turd and a waste of a waste of time. There is absolutely no tie-in or correlation of your home Vonage, account, if you have one. It’s pay as you go, no matter what. The would be the ONLY reason to use the app, since as pointed out earlier, Google Voice and many others are way way cheaper.
    With Vonage’s new deal for home service you can call 60 countries around the world for free. Can you imagine if that was the BB app? That would be great. The only use I can see for the app I guess is if you travel and need a local access number. I guess that would be cheaper but you still have to have your US SIM card in for it to work.
    BOO!! Vonage!

    For those who want to set it up the way I said it SHOULD work. Skip the app, go to and set up a free account. Look on the right side of the screen when you’re logged in for the info on how to set up your Vonage account on pbxes. Get your your free DID number (that’s your dial in access number) from or Follow the instructions to setup your DID and Vonage account info on Then dial your DID number from your bb, enter an access code you choose during setup, and dial out around the world for free with your Vonage account info.
    That’s how I roll. 🙂

    • AdamG
      I have been looking for a way to use VoIP on Blackberry with an independent SIP provider. For that I need a SIP client. On a good Nokia phone its easy, a SIP client is provided and you can connect directly via the SIP client to the Voip, independant from PBX systems.

      I am not quite sure i understood how your solution works? Is it an alternative solution for using a SIP client?


  4. I’m running a 5.0 OS on a Bold and it won’t let me download off their site.

  5. I use a Tracfone and can dial over 100 countries at the same rate as local calls. I don’t have to mess around with apps or accounts or anything, just dial straight from my phone. Simple, easy and just the way I like it. They also provide a service called International Neighbors which provides a number for people to call in Mexico or Canada and they get to chat to you at their local rates. Handy if you happen to have family or friends in those countries.

  6. I have setup an account with and got a number. i have also created an account with
    whats the next step?? i have vonage downloaded on my bberry.

  7. this is sweet .. wish this was available with the options of different incoming numbers as well .. now that would be hype … so practically free voip calls lol

  8. There is no SIP for bb. Pbxes is a host for sip clients that shows you how to get your Vonage sip info. Host that and DID number sip info on Pbxes to make reg phone calls to acesss vonage sip and rates.
    U call DID, get dialtone, enter PIN which switches you over to vonage sip acct. Dial out at vonage rates.

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