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RIM & Adobe partnership to bring Flash to BlackBerry’s ?

Here is some news that could make lots of BlackBerry users really happy; David led us know about an article by stating that today RIM & Adobe will announce a partnership to bring Full flash to BlackBerry devices. Back in August the rumors began floating around the net about RIM bringing full flash to the BlackBerry devices but it was not set in stone. This bit of information makes more sense as it appears that RIM is going to join Adobe’s open screen project that already has quite a few of the big players in the mobile market backing it.

With the recent acquisition of torchmobile it could only means good news for us BlackBerry users, meaning that RIM is serious about revamping the web experience on the BlackBerry devices as it should be since the BlackBerry browser has been left in the dust compare to other devices. There are other products out there in the works, such as Operamini, Bolt, & the private Beta of the Skyfire, but each one of this browsers lacks a few key features and only RIM has access to full API’s to take full advantage of the BlackBerry’s capabilities.  How do you think this will affect the BlackBerry, as I see it, most likely some of this features will only be available for the next generation line of BLackBerry’s because some of the old devices simply are not as fast or have the memory on board to support it. You can check out the article at this link.

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  1. Just being completely honest-do we think it best to put faith in RIM that our grandkids won’t be the first people to actually see this to fruition? I mean seriously, RIM and the BlackBerry line are the epitome of procrastination. Given, it takes time to develop apps, OSs, etc and test and release them. But, they are notoriously and ridiculously slow. Unless Adobe (Go grab CS4) takes the upper hand in development, I don’t expect to see this for a loooong, looooong, loooong, looooong (blur and transition. 5 mins later) loooong, loooong time. Just my 2 cents.

  2. I sorta agree with the comment already about RIM’s glacial development time. I mean seriously, the OS is just SO behind…

    There has been plenty of time since the Torch acquisition went down to have built and released at least a “technology preview” of a better browser.

    I suspect no 8xxx or earlier device will ever see Flash. At least not from RIM. And given how slow things go with 5.0 and 5.1, its highly likely we won’t even see it on the 9xxx devices on market today. I’m a fan of mist things BLackBerry (i’m typing this on my Storm #5 if you need proof) and I hate to be do pessimistic, but RIM has demonstrated absolutely NO speed to market or even given any tangible evidence that they are even close to modernizing their OS. All they seem interested in of late is pushing out a myriad of new devices with a tweak hear, a case there to differentiate them. Which makes sense with what close to 90% of their revenue being from hardware sales.

  3. RIM sux, OS sux, apps expensive and most useless.
    Beta “leaks” are a joke

  4. Just curious do you actually own a BlackBerry ? I do agree some apps are expensive but most of the apps are actually usable and do have a need for it but there is plenty of free apps

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