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MessageSchedule Email/SMS Scheduler FREE Until Tonight!

MessageSchedule Jerry let me know that BlackBerryInsight is running one of their freebies again for 24 hours only. I am not sure when the freebie ends exactly so get going!!!

The free app is MessageSchedule that lets you schedule Email and SMS for future times. It even has a template system for sending out repeat scheduled messages. While many people would not pay for such an app I know there are quite a few of you who would use it every once in awhile if you got it free!!!

You can find the download at this link!


  • Create, view, edit and deleted scheduled SMS and E-mail messages.
  • Send an SMS or E-mail at a specified time.
  • Record the sizes and number of SMS and E-mail messages sent.
  • Keep track of the total cost of all SMS and E-mail messages which have been sent with MessageSchedule™.
  • Schedule a reply or forward easily from the BlackBerry® SMS and E-mail application.
  • Create message templates for quick scheduling of previously scheduled messages.
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  1. Can someone take the .alx and .cod files and make an OTA link?

  2. I can’t believe I bought one at App World a few weeks ago. If only I could see into the future.

    I downloaded it though.

  3. Seriously…They are giving an app away, cool. But not offering the download OTA?

  4. yes also, be sure to delete the berryquery file…it is nothing more than advertisement. they’ve put it in their installs before.

  5. anyone get this to work ? on my 8900 every sms i choose to send the words null comes up after the name i choose and sends nothing even
    after the text dissapears from the app as if sent >delete<

  6. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

  7. the zip file is not working for me, says its corrupted…whats up??!

  8. It works for me but when I start the app to create an email, it would take 30 seconds or more to create the email. I’m on a Bold. So I uninstalled the app.


  10. has anyone tried to install it succesfully on 8900? On my 8900 it’s says ‘no additional applications deisgned for your device were found’

    • It works awesome on 8900 Curve. I downloaded the ZIP file unzipped and used BSAK 1.5 to simply install the .COD file, after the install, restarted my 8900, gave ALL permissions and viola everything worked like it was part of OS 🙂 Thanks for the free app. now I can write post dated emails and don’t have to worry that I will forget 😉

      Anyone needs any help to install let me know.


  11. If your BlackBerry desktop manager does not install it, use Javaloader from a command prompt. This application adds an S4BB signature to your outgoing scheduled emails which it doesn’t seem can be disabled. Nowhere as far as I know did they say there’ll be a signature. That’s sleazy.

  12. Thanks for the instructions.

  13. I download, installed.. Now my Curve 8320 seems much slower… It took 3mins to unlock the keyboard!

  14. Hi, cool post. I have been thinking about this issue,so thanks for sharing. Ill probably be subscribing to your blog. Keep up great writing

  15. There’s some great tips there, just blogged about it too!

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