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Aerize WiFiX – Force Applications to Work Over Wi-Fi

aerize_wifix Aerize let us know about their latest app called WiFiX. It lets you force applications to work over WiFi when it regularly would require a data plan. This means that apps like Google Mobile, Google Maps, BlackBerry Maps, and more can be forced to work over WiFi even if they are not setup to do so.

I can see people who don’t have a data plan using this but I would be interested in hearing how you plan on using it. The app is 50% off for a limited time to $4.99 after which it bumps up to full price. It comes with settings preconfigured for

  • Google Maps Mobile
  • Google Mobile App
  • BlackBerry Maps
  • Yahoo! Go
  • WeatherEye

There is one caveat it will not work with applications that require secure https/SSL connections. The options are configurable from the general BlackBerry options screen so there is no icon for the app. It comes with a 7 day free trial you can pick up at or from your BlackBerry at

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  1. This app isn’t listed on their website

  2. Thats correct, where is this app? can’t see it!

  3. It was up yesterday and also in the app world. Let me check…

  4. Seriously, how many BB users don’t have a cellular data plan? Time for a poll Ronen…

  5. It’s on their mobile site.

  6. Yeah its on their mobile site! got it!!! wow…nice now it would be awesome to see if Gmail App works on Wifi, that way free emails 🙂

  7. Gmail and Google sync doesn’t seem to work, but I may have the wrong settings. Anybody have it working? If so, what are your settings?

  8. what are the settings for Gmail app?

  9. What is the setting for Google Voice?

  10. Settings for shangmail?

  11. ive only managed to make Google Maps work. anyone know the settings for other apps? facebook and yahoo messenger too, perhaps?

  12. I’m confused!!! I tend to use maps on my BB when I’m out and about – I don’t have wifi in my car, so what would this do?

  13. Help! I can’t even find the Aerize icon once I download it … where is it? Or if there isn’t any, then how do I activate it?

  14. Hi, I can’t even find the icon one I download the app … where is it? I have a BB Bold. Thanks for the help.

  15. it’s in the Options > Aerize WiFix

  16. Thanks I actually figured it out shortly after posting this message.
    Now does anyone have a user manual for this thing, or some clues as to how to use it for other applications than the ones mention above (such as Facebook, Ubertwitter, AppWorld …)??

  17. im actually looking for the same thing: a friggin manual

  18. I’ve emailed in hopes they acutally have something helpful to provide. Will post here if/when they reply.

  19. anybody find the manual. cool app but fracking cant get anything else to work like yahoo messenger, facebook, etc.

  20. I received an email from Aerize saying they don’t have a manual, that’s the first bad news, and second, they can’t do Facebook because it uses https protocol which WiFiX can’t deal with. GMail and WeatherEye won’t work either. So … do I want to pay $5 for Google maps only ???

  21. WeatherEye works. try,, as hostnames.

  22. I still can’t get weathereye to work even with those hostnames…. 🙁

    Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  23. This App no longer works on the Storm with the new OS 5.0
    Shame too since I just pruchased this about a week ago, and its all ready useless.
    I contacted Aerize and all they said was they would update it if its possible, so no real answer as to when or if its going to happen.

  24. Can I have the string to use it over TCP/IP? I have a normal data plan and currently using for browsing (opera) by TCP/IP APN assignment in Advanced->TCP/IP.

  25. What are the settings for google maps, no app is working thrh wifix on my curve 8520
    Anyone with settings for gmap
    Plz share
    Mailid:[email protected]


  27. Problem can’t play the youtude on my BB,error play.

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