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Hot !! OS v5.0.0.238 for Bold 9000 and Curve 8900 found online

image-thumb1One of our readers dropped this one on our desk a few minutes ago. I have not had a chance to test it as of yet as I’m still actually downloading at the moment. It has been a crazy day for leaks but keep them coming guys and girls.

Update: Just confirmed this leak originated from Kevin @ CrackBerry

You can pick it up from:

Bold 9000:

Curve 8900:

Let us know what you find in the comment below.

Thank you ‘detectivereview’ for the link.

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. for anyone who running it, pls let us know!! im kinda worried 😀

  2. ill try..downloading…

  3. @ricky
    thanks!! im downloading it too! keep me updates! 🙂

  4. I see no difference over 5.0.190 so far….. I think the official 5.0 release is close.

  5. internet browser? internet? only wap?

  6. For Bold:

    I am starting to upgrade, wish me luck… BTW, no BBM 5.0 in the release, if anyone is curious.

  7. What! No internet browser? I can’t install that!!

  8. That’s weird the fact that they removed the apn settings

  9. BBM5 does NOT work on it

  10. Just installed on my Bold and BBM5 works just fine.

  11. Which version of BBM5 JR?

  12. How do I tell what version it is? I had the original zipped file containing all the BBM5 and just used that to install.

  13. Simply go under Options – Applications, select Add-on from pull down menu, there you can see the version info of BBM. Also can you upload the files you have for BBM somewhere or send the link you got it from?

  14. Anyone have a link that’s not on Rapidshare. My company doesn’t allow downloads from file sharing sites.


    John L

  15. It just says version 5.0? I don’t see any other numbers.

    The file is on my computer at home.

  16. Do you see anything different when you click on the Blackberry Messenger when you are in the applications list? It may give further details there.

  17. Still gives me the same number – 5.0. Unless I completely missing something here haha

  18. Well, when you get a chance, send/upload the zip file somewhere and I’ll take a look, you made me curious 😉

  19. bbm 5.0 does not work on my either whether i do it OTA or Desktop. It is there on my phone but not available. so I don’t know how JR got it to work on his but I have to downgrade. So if JR can provide the link where he got his as the ones from is not working on mine!

  20. It didn’t work when I tried to install via desktop manager. I had to use the app loader FYI

  21. Anyone having the BBM5 for the Bold OS 5 release?

  22. Anybody noticed some problems with OS *.238 and OperaMini5? Pages wont load.

  23. Nice update, almost busted my phone since i ran out of memory in the middle of the update…thank God..I didn’t brick my phone. Phew…

  24. I tried it, and Facebook didn’t work out of the gate, but after re-installing Facebook, it worked. But I still got that dang MediaNet crap instead of the real browser, and it did hang up on me a few times. You cannot use the BB browser. Period. I have heard about that service book hack, but I tried it before several times and gave up.

    Also, Viigo didn’t work, until I removed it and re-installed, but even then, it cropped the pages (every single page), when I clicked an RSS feed. It only showed one page, and would not scroll on any page. That is a deal-breaker for me; I use Viigo every day, throughout the day.

    So back to 4.6 I go. I am going out of town on business in a few days and I can’t play around with buggy betas. I know, “installer beware”.

    • I upgraded from a .190, which was able to use BB browser with the hack. Since I didn’t wipe and used the DM, it backed up and restored and BB Browser (aka Internet browser) works fine for me.

      Viigo is a pain to me, such a memory hog, so I use Freerange. Much lighterweight, clean cut interface.

      As for Facebook, I use Socialscope, as it handles both Twitter and Facebook, works great on .238

    • Blackberry browser works for me. No hacks or anything necessary. 8900 on Rogers. Did have to reinstall facebook though

  25. Apps issues the same. Scrolling problems with viigo. Etc. Had to do the browser fix with the att service books. Battery life is WAY better then the .190. Bbm I won’t bother with only because it takes so much time to downgrade back to 4.7 if the Bbm 5.0 icon is missing.

  26. The Voice Dialing is not working on this version :-(. I have tried almost everythingbu unsucessfull. Any suggest?

  27. hi all
    any link from for curve 8520 v5

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