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Giveaway: AddOnis All-in-one Utility – 30 Free Copies

addonis When AddOnis first told me they were out of beta I told them that their $15 price point was a bit to high for such a utility. Turns out that they listened and lowered their price to $9.95 on sale to $7.47 until Sep 30th. This little utility is everything from a call blocker to an alert manager and is a really handy utility. I highly recommend giving it a spin if you have not tried it during the beta period. They are also offering some reductions to people who purchased the app while it was $14.95. Still with all the features the app packs in the price is not that hard to justify anymore.

Giveaway: Twinkler Software has kindly offered up 30 copies of AddOnis to readers who comment on this article. Just leave your name and a valid email address and if you are randomly selected you will win a free copy of AddOnis! Comments must be left before Oct 4nd at 11:59PM EST to win and winners should hopefully be notified the following day. Only one comment per user will be accepted!

From the description:

AddOnis is the All-In-One utility that your Blackberry can not be without!
With the installation of only one small file, AddOnis adds features normally added by multiple utilities – and with AddOnis – all of these extensions have been designed to work together perfectly in harmony.
AddOnis extends system functionality, enabling features missing from the system that make your device easier and more efficient to use by adding all of the choices you always wanted to your menu selections.
AddOnis also adds features to the device, letting you selectively block or permit calls from certain numbers, adding options to various alerts, adding a configurable missed call indicator, providing In-Call notifications and so much more. Review the full feature list below for a complete listing of what AddOnis can do for you!


  • Vibrate on call connect/disconnect, the vibration duration is configurable.
  • Vibrate when ringing on incoming calls (in profiles, phone needs to be set to Ring ).
  • Choice of vibration type, user can choose Pulse or Constant.
  • After hang-up, the user is prompted to add new number to Addressbook or to update existing contact.
  • Log incoming calls and outgoing calls to the Calendar, user can select different calendars and choose to log these events as private.
  • In-Call notification at user defined periods during calls, the notification type can be set to Vibrate, and the vibration duration or tone volume are both configurable.
  • Call Firewall with two working rules, Block Blacklist and Permit Whitelist.
  • Call Firewall has two action modes, Hang-up and pickup and Hang-up . Each number added to Call Firewall can have its own action mode, or use the system default.
  • Call Firewall can be configured to work in Fuzzy-Match mode (Prefix Blocking Mode).
  • Call Firewall can block Private and Unknown Numbers.
  • Blocked Call Log shows complete list of rejected calls.
  • Call Firewall can be configures to block outgoing calls to numbers in the Blacklist.
  • Support for Autolock or Autostandby modes.
  • Autolock / Autostandby feature allows user configure the idle timeout before Device Locks or enters Autostandby.
  • Configurable options to disable Autolock /Autostandby when connected to USB or on a call.
  • Autolock /Autostandby can be automatically disabled by a user defined program list so that when a specific program is running in the foreground the feature is disabled.
  • Configurable to Autolock / Autostandby device only when device homescreen is displayed.
  • SMS Signature, allows adding SMS signature automatically when sending SMS (only supported in BerryAddon for OS4.6).
  • Insert Emoticons into SMS/MMS/Email/PIN Message, these Emoticons can be easily customized.
  • Send call log to Addressbook to create new contact or update existing contact.
  • Allow user to choose Addressbook field to insert number into when adding new number or updating existing contact from number in Call Log (Home, Work, etc.)
  • Send Call Log to Calendar to create event.
  • Send Call Log to Tasks to create task.
  • Send Call Log to Memopad to create memo
  • Send Call Log to number lookup engine to reverse search number information.
  • Send SMS/Email/PIN Messages to Addressbook to create new contact or update existing contact.
  • Send SMS/Email/PIN Messages to Calendar to create event.
  • Send SMS/Email/PIN Messages to Tasks to create a new task.
  • Send SMS/Email/PIN Messages to Memopad to create a new memo.
  • Send event to Tasks to create task.
  • Send task to Calendar to create event.
  • Open UTF8 format text documents in Memopad, and send memo to Calendar/Task/SMS/Email.
  • Send Contact to Call Firewall Blacklist/Whitelist.
  • Insert contact information into SMS/MMS/Email/PIN Message.
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  1. i can use this app i have a lot of calls i want to block.

  2. My comment 😀

    (Username and password as seen my Mods above)

  3. this would be very handy.

  4. I hope im lucky for once!

  5. I could really use the auto add feature

  6. Looks like a pretty sweet app, I can see the use in it!

  7. Sweet another cool giveaway!

  8. This is a great app and if I can get a free copy of it I will be very happy.

  9. One of the best app thus far. Would greatly appreciate a free copy :)

  10. I have been using the beta for months now and I don’t know how I would live without it. I think that it is an awesome program.

  11. I really love the add contact feature to sms text. It makes life so much easier.

  12. Now this would be a handy all in one utility. Who knows, maybe I can win a copy.

  13. i use the beta version of this app and found that this app is really-really great. having firewall, vibrate with tone, and send to.. that are really-really usefull.

    answer for me who’s looking for all in one app

  14. Sweet App… Send me it!!!

  15. I tried this app back when it was beta called BerryAddon and I loved it. It is light and has some great features which really should have been built into our devices by default. I would love a copy!

  16. Wow. This si the first time I’ve heard of this app.
    I’d love to have one please!

  17. I want to have one copy

  18. This looks like the application adaptation that should be part of every RIM product.

  19. This app looks very very interesting

  20. Loved the beta.

  21. Thanks for the contest AddOnis and BerryReview!

  22. I’d love a copy

  23. I’m in very useful app

  24. This is a MUST HAVE app.

  25. me me me!!

    ruhrohs AT gmail DOT com

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  27. I’m gonna be needing this very much

  28. Thank you br i would like free copy.

  29. I would love a free copy of this app. Very useful

  30. Loved the Beta and would love the full version.

  31. Really like all the tweak this app have

  32. Wonderful app!!!

  33. Nice! Hope I win this!

  34. Ability to block prefixes means no more damn telemarketers calling my cell.

  35. C’mon, big money big money…


  36. Wow, this program looks like a godsend. I want it!

  37. Greeat app, love the features, size, like how it adds on to existing menu’s like a blacklist/whitelist to the firewall. One of the must have apps for Blackberry smartphones.

  38. I wonder how this compares to berryaddon

  39. i want this app on my bb!!! i hate how i always have to copy paste.

  40. Very recommend and useful application. Hope can get one and make my blackberry is very handy and cheerful

    • really like this app. its tiny in size, full of features, and the best is it doesnt Run in the background so it doenst slow the device. i like the blacklist and whitelist features i think its the best. i just hope it is OS 5 compatible tho.. is it?


  41. BerryReview always has the best giveaways! Haha so gotta post before the “4nd”? :)

  42. Awesome….I am in for the lucky draw…Have never won in all these luck draws…but lets see…. 09.29.2009


  43. I must have this awsome app!

  44. Nice! Thanks Twinkler and BerryReview!

  45. I really love the feature list. This would be great to have on my storm

  46. Would very much like to have!

  47. I’d like got it. Nice app. Michael

  48. Love to win a copy!

  49. OMG! I’ve been waiting for this giveaway!
    Been using the beta version (Berry
    Addon) for 2 months before commercially released!
    A very very very very very very useful app! Recommended!

  50. omg i hope i win this. i hella need this prog =O
    name: imran

  51. Great app!! Please send me one !!

  52. pick me!

  53. Awesome program, I’d love a copy.

  54. what a great looking app, and a mix of a lot of apps, please i need a free copy!!

  55. Here is my contest entry. I hope I win!

  56. This sounds really useful – thnx to AddOnIs & ReyyReview (:

  57. Count me in on this! I’d love this app for free

  58. Addonis Software really useful for BBuser . I think I’ll buy it if I don’t win

  59. Cool program. I hope I win

  60. Random! Great! I hope I win

  61. Hope I will become 1 in 30 winer :)

  62. Thanx Twinkler Software & BerryReview.
    Used the Beta when it was BerryAddon.
    Absolutely enhanced the Blackberry User Experience!
    This should have come prepackaged from RIM.
    And since it doesn’t, hats off to AddOnis for bringing it!
    For those who don’t win this, BUY IT!
    I know I will 😀

  63. Combines 4 or 5 different apps into 1. Nifty

  64. I’ve been using BerryAddOn from 1 month ago. It really helps me a lot to manage call log, sms to addressbook and some other features.

    Since it rename to AddOnis and become commercial, I’m afraid to upgrade, because I don’t have a credit card or paypal account to buy the AddOnis license.

    All the AddOnis feature should be built-in Blackberry by default. Maybe RIM can hire the twinkler software programmers to do that :)

    I really wish I could get this free AddOnis giveaway

  65. YAY!

  66. Very cool app even if I don’t win I’m still spending with you guy thanks for the chance

  67. Looks good. Sounds like we have to choose between entering the contest or getting the sale price, unless they pick the winners today or early tomorrow.

  68. why my comment does not appear? :(

  69. I used BerryAddon until it ran out and really liked it…would appreciate a copy of AddOnis

  70. I’d love a copy

  71. So I was one of the beta testers and I must say this is the app to get even at the price because its awesome!
    However they didn’t give me a free version as promised :( since beta testers were to receive one.
    I really hope to win this one because I have many missed calls due to lack of simal vib and a lot of annoying calls which can be blocked. Plus I love the add to feature which can import phonebook to memo or calendar.
    Please let me win! This is the contest I really wish I win lol.
    Thanks for offering BR! (By the way, it was me who sent in this news story).

    • Just to be clear, there was never an offer of a free version made to Beta Testers. If you are a Beta Tester, go to the Beta Tester thread for instructions as we do have a Beta Tester program in place.

  72. Looks like a very cool and useful app, would love a free one to use. Thanks for offering this.

  73. Would love a copy.

  74. Can’t wait to win. Thanks in advance.

  75. would be nice to win, thank u

  76. i would really like to use this app. please pick me!!

  77. I absolutely love the app. The price of the app, needs work. Add me to the giveaway.

  78. this is sweet app


    can you use this setup for all of your giveaways, this gives everyone an opportunity to win, and unfortunately, i tend to miss the first come first serve ones

    thanks a lot BR and Twinkler Software

  79. I love this app. So go ahead and pick me.

  80. Thanks for the contest, BerryReview and AddOnis!

  81. Gimme gimme!

  82. I love this application before the name change as well. No problems during beta testing to report. I suggested this app to many people! Would love a copy of Addonis!

  83. I need it

  84. Anything that makes life easier is well worth it, this is a great looking app that will make life easier. Well done to the developers.

  85. Randomly choose me!

  86. I would love to get a free copy of AddOnIs please…

  87. pick me!


  88. Sounds good!

  89. I didn’t know beta testers where suppose to receive a free copy. I was a beta tester and didn’t find any part of this application I didn’t like! I accidentally wiped my phone today and lost my beta version!

  90. The program seems friggen awesome. It would be an added addition to my apps.

  91. A free copy would be GREAT!

  92. I love this soft but I don’t think I win.

  93. Just try this giveaway :)

  94. Shotgun!

  95. Thanks BerryReview again for this contest, i hope to have good luck on this app.

  96. Wow, so many comments!

    This software is a must have it seems, total personalization of the device’s features!

    Way to go indeed. Hope I win this!

    (Hope I don’t double post, anti spam made me go back and repost…)

  97. Lindy
    Thank you! =^)

  98. After hang-up, the user is prompted to add new number to Addressbook or to update existing contact.

    I missed this from my Nokia and always hated the fact that I can’t simply update a contact with 2 button presses.

    I need this app!!!

  99. This can be very helpful! Im in for the drawing!!

  100. pick me

  101. I used this app when it was call on Berry ADDON and was very happy with the usefulness

  102. Nice piece of software.. wont mind a full copy!

  103. Keep up the good work guys! Loved Berry Add On!

  104. Nice apps for BB.

    Thanks so much !

  105. I beta tested and found this app to be swwwweeeet! Hope I win.

  106. i would like!

  107. Can’t lived with berryaddon

  108. I would love a copy, thanks!

  109. Love to get one [david(at)chinn(dot)com

  110. I would like a free copy please.

  111. This looks like a good addition to my BB – and free would be even better!!

  112. Me too, please!

  113. This was a great app…before they added the huge price.

  114. I have used a previous version of this program and it was excellent so I hope I am selected to recieve a fee copy.

  115. this is a cool app. I hope I win :-)

  116. i’d love a free copy!

  117. I tried the first version. Really great app!

  118. Tried the beta.

  119. count me in

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