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Leaked OS For 8330

Morganizer & Abbi let us know that the 8330 device finally received some love from OS which was leaked over at You can pick up the file at the following link:


A note of caution: Do this upgrade at your own risk because it may render your device unusable if you are not familiar with OS upgrades, this is a Beta OS and not an official release.

Make sure you delete the Vendor.xml if before installing as it may make it easier to install if your DM does not recognize it, launch the application loader, always do backups before installing any OS. Let us know in the comments how it works and any issues you may find, enjoy.

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  1. Whoa, no way… I was definitely not expecting the 83xx to get 5.0. Now I really wonder if 81xx will get the 5.0 treatment someday…

    • so far it doesn’t look like it many people are saying just the newer devices will but who knows, hopefully they do but it be hard to tell unless we see something leak or rim decides to tell us which devices will get the upgrade.

  2. does this mean the 8300 will be soon…

  3. This update is for GSM curves not MEID cmda phones. That’s sucks!! I read it on CB.

  4. So will this work on averizon 8330?

    • Not to sure what VZ runs on but you can go to options then status and look to see if it says ESN or MEID. That will answer your qusetion.

  5. I have been playing around with this os since about 6pm monday and the one thing i find funny is that it come with bbm 4.7 not 5.0

    • yeah none of the 5.0 os leaks come with the new one since that will be a separate deal from what I understand it will be pushed out maybe as an upgrade to the current one instead of the 5.0 and most likely won’t be named BBM5

  6. Does anyone ever actually pay for a rapidshare (or other file hoster) premium account?

    BTW, there’s a program out there called jdownloader that automates RS downloads for you. Haven’t tried it but google search turned it up.

  7. Can anyone confirm success with a Verizon 8330 before I brick my Berry?

  8. @automan69 Not sure what MEID is but mine has an ESN. it seems to have installed okay but I lost enterprise activation, got a bunch of Java null pointer exceptions and had to re-allow permissions for a bunch of apps. Except for that it seems to be working okay.

    • @ Ed thanks for the info. MEID=CDMA and ESN=GSM. I thought you had a cdma phone. No worriers..cheers 🙂

      • Well that’s not really true. Both ESN and MEID are used on CDMA phones. They are used as identifiers for the phone. MEID is being implemented now because they supply of ESN numbers is being exhausted. CDMA is the network technology used by Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular and some other carriers around the globe. GSM is used by AT&T, T-Mobile, and most other carriers in the world

      • And if I’d read two lines down I would have seen someone already addressed this. Nevermind 🙂

  9. Has anyone installed this on a Sprint phone?

  10. I dont understand, i have a sprint phone which i thought they were CMDA network phones, but my phone in status says ESN on the beginning of the bottom two lines. Someone just say ESN=GSM AND MEID=CDMA, please explain this, Thank You!

  11. I was able to get enterprise activation worked out. The only issues I see so far is that Viigo and bbweather can’t display anything. They seem to be running as per the list of running apps but I can’t get either to display anything. It just locks up the screen and I need to press esc to get back to home screen. I will try reinstalling these apps. Maybe I need V5 specific versions.

    • Did you get the Blackberry browser working? I did the upgrade but for some reason I had no browser, a pretty serious problem 🙁 so I rolled back to 4.5

      • Browser works great and looks nice but some apps seem unable to display. bbsmart alarms pro seems to be having problems now. I had it working but it seems to freeze up in a way that it’s unable to display. I can get back to the home screen but I can’t get the app to come back up on the display.

    • Is there any info on when this might get offically released? I installed 4.5.138,161 and they both give me major problems with ringtones and music media. I’d rather wait for an offically release, but like everyone else im itching to upgrade to 5.0. Does anyone else have any problems with those two versions on their sprint phones? Oh sorry i did say whay happens! my ringtones and music files wont play some times, i have to do a quickpull battery reset and then it goes back to normal. i get it in .169 sometimes but not as often. so i would love to upgrade to 5.0.

  12. How about 8320? 🙁

  13. It appears that BB Maps is also not working on VZW phones. You get a sattelite lock but no maps being displayed. Anyone else getting this?

  14. I think I hit a deal killer. If I can’t solve this issue soon I’m reverting to 4.5. My bluetooth devices are no longer using audio. The device seems to connect when I turn them on. I can press the button to end a call but the audio only comes out the handset speaker. I want to try to delete a re-pair my bluetooth headset but RIM seems to have left out a “delete device” feature on the bluetooth options.

  15. I ran into the same deal I guess what happened was when the settings were restore old setting didn’t play nice, I wiped device backup data and re installed the os but on restore left out the Bluetooth settings and reconfigured it. Problems fixed and where before I would hit menu and no options were available now there are. I guess also had something to do with bes settings on my end too it wouldn’t let me edit. Not its all good.

  16. This is a pain because I have to re-do enterprise activation every time, which involves my company BB admins. I’d rather not bother these guys and have them clamp down on upgrades. Does anyone know if there is a way to restore the device and preserve enterprise activation?

  17. Only way is if you have DM set up on your conputer with your bes email address and outlook/whatever program you use for email DM should be able to reactivate It but am thinking your company is the one that handles all that for u.

    • If your Outlook is connected to your Exchange server via RPC over HTTP (or RPC directly) and DM is setup for Corporate account mode (not Personal Email), then DM can reactivate fine without any need of your admins.

  18. Thanks Remzi nice and short 🙂

  19. I have run into the first problem… Looks like App World is not working on this OS… I installed .19 but when I go into check the settings on the application it says .15… I go back to the OTA and re-install and it keeps saying the same thing…

    I try installing off the website via USB and it fails….

    Anyone have any idea’s?

  20. Found another problem… Now after the upgrade when I put my blackberry in a dock it says “USB charging current is not sufficient. Verify that your handheld is connected to a powered USB charging source and that the proper USB driver is installed.”

    I remove the plug out of the back of the dock and directly connect it into the blackberry it works fine…

    Tried several cables and it doesn’t work, works with other blackberries… must be something new in the OS.

  21. Arg, yet another problem… Can’t change or set the Alarm….

  22. I find that I have a lot less free space for storage even after deleting a few apps. I get down to 6MB free whereas I used to have 10-15MB free with some useless apps still installed.

  23. Downloaded this about a week ago and it’s been a great experience. Love the new SMS system and the new clock/alarm features. Only issue I have is how Facebook for BlackBerry no longer puts your notifications in the Messages List, you have to go to the App itself to check/delete those. But I’m sure that will be fixed when the official release comes up and Facebook updates

  24. does anyone know how i can load this to my blackberry 8330.
    because i downloaded it from the site posted. and all i see is the desktop manager.

    • I gave up. This version had some nice features ( I already miss the better browser and task switcher) but it had to many memory leaks and slowness. I did do an upgrade. Has anyone ahd success with a fresh install?


    So, here I am, happily updating, when the plug comes loose from my Curve. Of course, the entire installation failed and my Curve is now dead. Based on some other advice around Crackberry, I manage to wipe it and install the backup file that was saved during the installation. (I lost all of my 3rd party apps, but I have all of my contacts, etc.) But now, every time I try to install, I get an error message. The first one is, “To enjoy the latest functionality from the selected Blackberry Device Software Upgrade, You’ll need an active Blackberry service subscription. visit www(dot)blackberry(dot)com/sevice to learn more about blackberry services.” Lo and behold, the vendor.xml file has somehow reappeared. So I delete it, try reinstalling 5.0 again, and then I get, “No software update is required for your device.” 5.0 is listed in DM under the application loader – it just won’t LOAD!

    I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the OS to my computer. I’ve made sure I’ve removed previous versions under “Add/Remove Programs.” I’ve tried both DM and the loader.exe file.

    I didn’t have any of these issues earlier when I tried to upgrade to 5.0 before the plug came out – everything ran smoothly. I’ve been struggling with this for several hours, to no avail. I’ve posted to several other websites, but have not gotten ANY responses. Please, please, PLEASE help!

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