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T-mobile confirms what most of us already know: 9700 & OS 5.0 For 8900

Today I decided to call T-mobile about issues with my BlackBerry but without even me asking the BlackBerry specialist confirmed a lot of good news for us on T-mobile. 

First off is that the 9700 should be released within the next month or two depending on how the testing goes but definitely trying to shoot around or before Thanksgiving, the device should be released soon after testing as they only expect about two weeks of training on the device before launching it.  If anything the device will be out before the thanks giving holidays. They did not have a specific date but they have seen some devices already.

The next part is that they are already testing out the 8900 with OS 5.0 and that hopefully that OS update will be out before the the 9700 launches. Representative told me that I should check for updates in the next two weeks wether that was a hint not sure take that with a grain of salt but they are news to know that they are working on all of this.

Some other things that were confirmed was Visual voicemail for BlackBerry users with the release of 5.0 that should be launched before the end of the year most likely along with 5.0 since on the Beta 5.0 OS it shows up but can’t be activated just yet.

Some enhancements to OS 5.0 will be a highlighter that will highlight parts that you can click to blue, did not understand exactly what all that was but will just have to see what all the new things 5.0 will bring.  So most likely I could see that 9700 will have the 5.0 OS already preloaded on it. There were some other details but that is probably the most that caught my attention.

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  1. I am already running beta and it run a hell of a lot smoother than the previous leaked release. I have not run in to any issues as of yet.

  2. Nice, can’t wait

  3. Yeah am running it as well so far I only had one reboot since installing it, other than that its work super smooth. Am sure when tmobile releases an official update it be customized better to their services.

    • I would not agree to this “Am sure when tmobile releases an official update it be customized better to their services.”.. the reason being an OS is an OS released by RIM which are tested by carriers.. for e.g. if T-Mobile releases the core or the kernel of the OS will be no different from the one you are running.

  4. I was reffering more to the visual voivemail and some of those extra addons services they offer but your right about that

  5. I am very excited to get this extra confirmation of a soon release date for both. I wonder if it will hurt 9700 sales to release OS 5.0 for the 8900 at the same time. I personally love my 8900 as an amazing phone so I’d have less reason to get an 9700, even though I know I’ll get one anyway 🙂

  6. Can not wait for this device but wouldn’t
    Be suprised if os 5.0 isn’t on it at

  7. Anyone know what version of BB Messenger works with BB OS 5.0.190 for the 8900?

  8. 4.7 version which came packaged with os or u can try OtA from

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