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FAQ: Merge Multiple Calendars Into One Calendar

Problems-solutions One of the features that came with OS 4.5+ was the ability to have multiple calendars. This can be a good and a bad thing. People were used to having one calendar that was synched and some users on BES are used to only having the one BES calendar. Now there is one for each BIS email address along with another one for Facebook if you have it installed. Sometimes my wife will send me a meeting request to my Gmail account instead of my BES account and then they don’t sync… You get the issue.

RIM has provided some instructions in this knowledgebase article on how to get around this multi calendar issue by permanently collapsing all of the calendars into one calendar. It is actually a little hidden keyboard shortcut that I had never heard of detailed below and fully at this link.

NOTE: These instructions will permanently move the calendar entries from one calendar to the default calendar. There is no way to undo it…

If calendar entries exist on a Device Default calendar, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Calendar.
  2. Press the menu key.
  3. Choose Options
  4. Type MOVE on the keypad.
  5. You will be asked to move all appointments in the base system calendar. Choose YES to accept moving all entries in the Device Default calendar to the default active calendar.
  6. Perform a hard reset of the BlackBerry smartphone by taking the battery out while the BlackBerry smartphone is still powered on and placing it back in.

This operation will move all calendar entries existing on the Device Default calendar to the active calendar shown in Options > Advanced Options > Default Services.

If calendar entries are split between two BlackBerry® Internet Service calendars, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Options > Advanced Options > Default Services.
  2. Verify the correct email address is shown for Calendar [CICAL].
  3. Press the back arrow and save the changes if prompted.
  4. In the Advanced Options menu, choose Service Book.
  5. Highlight the entry for the calendar you do not want. This will appear as [email protected] [CICAL].
  6. Press the menu key and choose Delete.

By deleting a CICAL, any calendar entries associated with it are moved to a Device Default calendar. This step can be repeated if additional calendars contain entries you want to move.

Once all desired entries have been moved to the Device Default calendar using the above steps, follow steps 1 through 5 at the beginning of the resolution area, then resend service books to the BlackBerry smartphone.

Service books can be resent to the BlackBerry smartphone by completing the tasks in KB02830.

If the calendar is synchronized to a computer with BlackBerry® Desktop Manager software, the configuration for BlackBerry Desktop Manager will need to be reset and set up again before completing another synchronization. For more information on synchronization settings, see KB17022.

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  1. I wish I knew about this about 6 months ago when I had the calendar issues using multiple calendars. My problem was with the facebook calendar and I think a lot of other people had the same problem.

  2. So effectively this moves FB bday entrys to main Default calender? Do new FB bday snycs merge into default from then on?

  3. I’m using bold .301 it seems the instruction didn’t work, it goes back to the original after the hard reset .. Any ideas why?

  4. Good one! Thank you.

  5. This is interesting to me as I also had major calendar problems as a result of the Facebook app calendar CICAL. A few months ago when I tried to troubleshoot my calendar issues I wound up accidentally deleting my default calendar CICAL associated with my email address. Does anyone know how to recreate this CICAL? Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the tip

  7. I love it. The best use for this is Today screens. Since the calendars on all my Today screen only shows the default. Now I won’t miss any of those “facebook” birthdays.

    I guess the question that remains is, does facebook now update the default calendar?

  8. Oh. My. God. This is a lifesaver. Every time I would update my OS my calendars would end up completely FUBAR between Facebook, Google Sync, CICAL service books, and backup/restore. It would take me days to fix it back to normal, and it was always some convoluted workaround that I could never remember. This just made my day haha

  9. I tried this on my Bold 9700 and ran into a problem. After following the steps outlined above, my calendar items were all combined into my Desktop calendar, which was great and they all showed up on the Today screen. Perfect, or so I thought. I tested sending a new meeting request to the email address for the CICAL I deleted. I received the request item in my inbox on my phone, but I was unable to access the item (open/accept/decline/etc..). It just sat in my inbox and was completely inaccessible. I couldn’t even mark it as “opened” or delete it.

    Anyone have any ideas about how to resolve this?

  10. Thank you thank you thank you for this very straight forward solution to moving all calendar entries to another calendar! Brilliant.

  11. I think the solution mentioned in this thread must only work for BIS users as I had nothing but problems (mentioned in previous posts to this thread) when trying to follow these instructions many times. The main difference being I use BES + BIS.

    I resorted to using a little utility called CalendarSync and it solved all my problems without having to worry about a thing. It automatically (or manually) copies or moves calendar items from multiple calendars to your primary calendar (which you set in the options). You can grab a free trial of it at to see if it might solve your problem preserving your CICAL entries and any other functionality that may be related to them. At only $5, it’s well worth it IMHO.

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