RIM Points Out Changes in Desktop Manager for Mac Walkthrough

desktop_manager_mac Desktop Manager for Mac was leaked online along time ago but many people are waiting anxiously for the final release. One of the main leads on the project Andrey has done a great walkthrough of the app on the BlackBerry Blog. The walkthrough is nothing groundbreaking but brought out a couple facts that are totally new. Still it is September 23rd already and RIM promised us it would be released by the end of this month.

New features mentioned:

  • Backup files now have a new extension .bbb which stands for BlackBerry Backup file. The Windows Desktop Manager produces .ipd files for backups of BlackBerry data and .cab files for onboard memory. Now they will all be contained in one .bbb file. The file also offers you the option of encryption.
  • Simplified update and install process for new OS versions kind of like Desktop Manager for windows 4.7+
  • New option for synching to multiple computers. Now you can set the app to perform a Safe Sync if you want to sync to both your work and home PC. It takes a bit longer based on the amount of data on your phone but it will keep things from going wonkey.

Check out the full walkthrough at this link

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