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All BlackBerry IM Clients Updated to v2.5 – New Features!

imclients UPDATED Links now point to both OTA and desktop site

It looks like while I was sleeping our tipsters have been hammering our inbox. RIM let loose with an upgrade for all the IM clients for BlackBerry to bring them to version 2.5.x which is 2.5.27 for my Bold.

Sam sent in this change log:

  • Add dedicated icons to the Home Screen for one-click access to conversation boxes of specific contacts. The icon appears as the contact’s display picture or avatar.
  • Add contacts and display pictures or avatars to the address book to easily instant message, email, SMS, or call right from the address book or conversation box.
  • Search through saved conversations
  • Add dedicated emoticon icons in the conversation box

Rumor is that these clients also work with the leaked OS 5.0 builds! Let us know what you find! Check them out at:

Thanks to everybody who sent this one in!

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  1. I tried to upgrade GTalk on an 8320 with OS 4.5 and RIM’s website said not compatible!!

  2. Is there an OS 5.0 leak for 8350i?

  3. Does anyone else find it ironic that despite the fact that RIM pushes the AppWorld for releasing all sorts of software they still make these available directly through the browser? Or is there a reason for this that I’m not seeing.

  4. I am trying to update my Yahoo client and keep getting “Error 907 Invalid COD”. Hmmmm Trying Google Talk now.

  5. GTalk and Yahoo works good 🙂 (on Bold with

  6. This is really strange. I decided to try to update via AppWorld. I went in and saw the 2.5 upgrade available but was told I was low on memory. I did a full reset and when I came back, the AppWorld was no longer showing me the upgrade! Something’s fishy here.

  7. I do hate vehemently what they are doing to new versions. You lose a lot of screen real state with the new two lines design and with lots of extra padding. We need more information in our tiny screens, not less. Do someone have the old versions backed up so I can downgrade?

    • I couldn’t agree more about not liking the update. I ise gtalk all the time & hate this format my contact photos used to display but don’t and it takes up too much space. I want to go back to my previous version? It doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the web. HELP!!

  8. AIM work on BOLD with 5.0.190

  9. Downloaded WLM and now im getting Error 65 connection to the server failed!! ,
    i did a battery pull, resend service books and still dosent work!!!

  10. I love that I can give my GTalk contacts their own homescreen icon, however I then noticed I can do that same with BBM 5.0.8. Was this always the case or was I just all doped up?

  11. New version of gtalk isn’t on the App World yet. Took me a little while to find.

    from your BB to download.

  12. MSN works great on my Tour (

  13. Apparently RIM is trying to tell all the users running 4.5 that they are either not important anymore or that it’s time to spend some more money on a 5.0 compatible BlackBerry. It also appears they are supporting leaked copies of 5.0 since they are the only ones this update works for. (Not working on my 8310 w/ .163)

  14. well… not ALL messengers. BB messenger wasn’t updated for non-4.5.x-OS users. I think bnorwood is right that anyone with a non 5.0 phone is QUICKLY getting left for dead. And given most of us are locked into plans that renew for multiple years if we so much as sneeze at changing, I have to wait until the end of 2010 to make changes. joy.

  15. I think it’s a bit early to jump to the conclusion that these only work for 5.0. I’m happily using the new version on an 8330 (

  16. I was about to add that it might just be a fluke and they will add support for older devices. Ok, let me see if it works for me now…

  17. Everything looks huge. Why are they using up too much space for nothing.
    It’s redundant to have a green dot (means the person’s online) and then a whole other line to say “available”

    I tried these on my vzw 8330 and including bbm 5.0, it only shows about 3 people online on the main screen, whereas you could see about 7-9 people online without scrolling.

    Aim buddy icons are still not working…SMH

    • I agree with you. They need to provide a slim version option. We don’t need all that wasted space in an already small screen. I would like to downgrade but I’m not able to find the old versions on the net. 🙁

  18. The article says:
    “Add dedicated icons to the Home Screen for one-click access to conversation boxes of specific contacts. The icon appears as the contact’s display picture or avatar.”

    Very nice feature but…. How ?

  19. i downloaded the new version of YM and now it keeps giving me an error msg..Failed to execute last action(100)…i’ve been trying to fix this for 3days. i’m at my wits end…need my YM…is anybody else having this problem? if so did you figure out a way to fix this? HELP!!!!!

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