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Nice Office – A FREE BES Alternative – OTA PIM Sync & More

nice-office When Adam let me know about Nice Office I could not believe that we did not cover it before. Nice Office just got their app in the App World and the features are really impressive not to mention the FREE price tag. The main downside to the free version is the lack of an Outlook plugin and banner ads on the web interface. You can get all of that and more for a pricey $9.99/month. Still the free app is pretty impressive on its own.

Check it out at or you can pick up the app free in the App World at this link and let me know what you think! It might not be the prettiest application but it sure does pack in features.

From the description:

Nice Office turns your BlackBerry into a virtual mobile office. Manage your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks. Store forms and documents online and send them directly to your customers. Track sales and lead activity by workflows and status levels. Create custom sales fields and record sales activity. Manage all of the information needed to keep on top of your business.

Nice Office also automatically logs device activity and gives you detailed reporting on mobile interactions with your contacts, tracking messages, calls, appointments and more, automatically!

Updates are synced wirelessly between your BlackBerry and the Nice Office website, so there’s no need to enter anything twice or update information when you get back to the office. If you lose your BlackBerry, wipe the personal data from your lost device and restore it to your new device. You are back up and running in no time! Your private data is safe and accessible, whenever and wherever needed.

Auto Journals

  • Automatic recording of any activity you perform on a contact
  • Keep track of sent emails, calls, appointments, etc.
  • Save time spent recording and transferring data manually
  • Automatic logging of contact activity
  • Detailed reporting

Files and Documents

  • Upload your complete library of forms and documents for storage and easy access
  • Send them from your wireless device directly to your customers
  • Always have the right form handy
  • Never carry paper forms again
  • Share documents with your team of employees


  • Appointments entered into your wireless device are automatically updated on the website
  • Appointments entered on the website are automatically sent to your wireless device
  • No cable to plug in or download – data is always current in both locations


  • Consolidate all of your email accounts in one place
  • Send and receive emails from all of your accounts
  • No more logging in and out of multiple email accounts
  • Mobilize your Outlook – sync your mail, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes

Contact Management

  • Contact information is automatically synchronized between your wireless device and the website
  • Create custom contact fields
  • Contact records are always up-to-date and available on the road
  • Make calls, write journals and notes, generate maps and write emails from your wireless device

Task Management

  • Tasks are automatically synchronized between your wireless device and the website
  • Never lose track of your "to-do" list
  • Keep tabs on the status of your task – current, delinquent, completed, etc.
  • Set priority levels – high, medium or low as well as the due date

Sales and Opportunity Management

  • Track sales and lead activity by workflows and status levels with the Accounts screen
  • Create custom sales fields
  • Record all information needed to keep on top of sales
  • Add contacts and journals
  • Record the sales transaction when completed

Employee Oversight

  • Manage multiple employees from your handheld device
  • Assign and transfer leads and monitor sales activity from the road
  • Automate business data flow throughout your mobilized sales team
  • Maintain control over sales data without requiring a back office staff
  • Remotely back up or wipe data on your device from the website
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  1. Looks like a great app! Might compete head to head with UpVise which I have enjoyed on my BlackBerry for many years.

    Homescreen Icon is a nice “N” for use in the Homescreen Icon contest 🙂

  2. I have years of experience with synchronization clients, going back to the days I owned a iPaq pocket PC. Sychronization is a very complex process, so I would be very reluctant to begin using a new Sync client that is not very widely used and well-tested.

    • Having tried most of the SyncML clients for BlackBerry, I understand your apprehension. Funambol, Google Sync, Scheduleworld, all worked well enough, but had some flaws.
      However, having used Nice Office for a few days now, I can tell you that this is a whole different animal. This is not a SyncML client. This thing is Pushing all the info up and down. I’ve had a BB on both BES and BIS and this app/service is doing BES work at a BIS price. The only difference I can see is the level of security involved. Not that big an issue for me.
      Just doing a little research, Nice Office and the parent company eAgency, have a relationship with RIM that goes back to at least 2004. Think I read they are a BB Alliance member too.
      This thing has so many features it will blow your mind.

  3. Install went fine on my Tour this morning, everything seemed to sync without a hitch, I couldn’t wait to get home to check out the website with all my info and all the tools. Unfortunately thats where it all went south, I haven’t been able to log in, stuck on authentication. I tried to send a message to support via the site and stuck on sending. Try again tomorrow. Perhaps servers are overwhelmed with increased traffic.

  4. Installed and looks great. Lots of features. However, today I can not log in. Servers too busy maybe with all the new interest in the promising product?

    Also, some of the recurring events disappear or get mixed up on the day, week and sometimes month screens on the web interface.

    Everything looks good on the blackberry though. A few bugs to work out I guess, but other wise a great product.

  5. I found one item to be disappointing with NiceOffice.

    After watching watching their video demo and reading some of their literature you are left with the impression that the Free version will allow you to add 5 people to your ‘downline”. Once I installed the NiceOffice I found out this is not true and that you are unable to add Anyone to your “downline”.

    This is sort of a big deal since that is one of the main features I had for looking into NiceOffice.

    I called their technical support and they said they would look into it and that there has been talk of allow a person to add a couple people to their “downline” when using the Free version. Apparently the graphics department was ahead of the game.

    They gave me a 30-day trial of NiceOffice Premium so I could experience the functionality of having individuals in my “downline”. Since it is only a 30-day trial, I am waiting til we are a bit busier to try the Premium version. I want to really run it through the wringer.

    At $9.99 a user PER month it all seems rather steep. I could probably see a $4.99 a month charge, but I really won’t know its worth till we use it for that 30-day trial.

  6. I just need my blackberry to actually be a blackberry 🙂 !

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