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Opera Mini Beta 5 Keyboard Shortcuts

operamini5Opera Mini Beta 5 came out last week and really impressed me with its updates. Personally I hate how it takes over as your default browser and does not let you change that option (along with many other small gripes) but I know that millions of BlackBerry users are big fans. Especially since Opera Mini is the only browser on the BlackBerry that does not die when you run JavaScript websites.

The latest beta 5 version is a huge improvement over previous versions but the controls are a bit wonky and non-standard. For example, you cannot hit the back button to exit out of the application. Still its pretty useful to know the keyboard shortcuts to easily speed through the application. It turns out that the all knowing Al Sacco is a big fan of Opera Mini and managed to ferret out some pretty useful shortcuts.

The basics:

  • 2 = Page Up
  • 8 = Page Down
  • 4 = Page Left
  • 6 = Page Right
  • 5= Zoom In/Out

The letter "Q" is the main Opera Mini 5 "shortcut key." Various numeral keys can be pressed along with the letter "Q" to activate browsing shortcuts. For instance:

  • Q + 1: Clear Page of Cursor, Selection Box
  • Q + 2: Show Blank URL Field to Navigate to New Page
  • Q + 3: Search for Specific Text on a Page
  • Q + 4: Access "Speed-Dial" Home Screen
  • Q + 5: View of Add to Bookmarks
  • Q + 6: View Browsing History
  • Q + 8: Access Browser Settings
  • Q + 9: View or Add to Saved Web pages

So what other shortcuts have you noticed? If you don’t already have it you can pick it up at

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  1. …and when u need to edit/clear SpeedDial, just highlight SD and hit 1/W button 🙂

  2. If you go to the Help Section in the app, there is a listing of all of the Shortcuts. I wouldn’t call it the Q button – it’s really the # button. It happens to be on the Q key. Opera’s shortcuts are about half # shortcuts and half * shortcuts.

  3. The Q+ shortcuts are terrible! I will never be able to remember what each one means, since I have already gotten so used to the BB Browser shortcuts.

    Yes we need a way to choose which browser to open a link it, plus I find when I select a link to open in Opera Mini, Opera comes up but the site is never loaded, so fail there.

    I also noticed the following: I check work e-mail in Opera through a MS exchange server for web based Outlook. With OM 4.2, when I’d reply to an e-mail Opera placed the cursor right at the top, so I could just start typing. Now with OM 5.0b, it placed the cursor at the button, so I have to scroll up through the entire e-mall thread to get to the top so I can write my reply. This is very annoying.

  4. I tried running this on a 8300 and it was horrible

  5. Call me stupid, but how do I Copy/Paste in this beta? I was having trouble viewing a particular page on the BB browser, so I copied the URL, opened Opera, and could not figure out how to paste it into the address bar…

  6. If you hold the trackball down on a speed dial selection for a second or two, you will be given the oppotunity to “clear” the speed dial selection.

  7. Got it and it’s awesome but I think I found a bug. When writing something for example this comment and i hit the delete button to erase a letter it starts erasing everything. Obviously there are gonna be bugs cause its a beta version. Has anyone gotten that problem?

  8. if u want to copy or paste. when u get to where u want to copy,just press 1 in ur fone key u wil see select text press ok and highlight d txt.and pres use wit ur left key then copy.

  9. how can i set my opera5 time?

  10. Are there shortcuts for going to the top and bottom of a page? I can’t believe there wouldn’t be any.

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