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AT&T A-List Goes Live – Call 5 Numbers Free

Alist-details-popup While I was in synagogue for the Jewish New Year AT&T decided to celebrate by launching their A-List free unlimited calling to 5 numbers feature we told you about. AT&T is calling it AT&T A-List with Rollover where you can call five “VIP” domestic numbers at no cost or 10 numbers on a family plan. The only catch is that you need to either be on an individual nation plan of $59.99+ or a FamilyTalk plan of $89.99+. You can read more about it at

I went to AT&T’s website and logged into my account and got a little advertisement in the lower left corner for checking my A-List availability. Since I am on a 550 minute family plan I am not eligible but the program is now live.

Here are a few details:

  • Individual nation plan of $59.99+ or a FamilyTalk plan of $89.99+
  • Add any domestic number including landlines
  • 5 numbers for individual plans and 10 for family plans
  • Numbers added to your list will activate after about 24 hours from when you add them
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  1. Wow AT&T is sure trying hard to copy T-Mobile these days! Why are they being so obvious about it? First [email protected] and now My 5? hehehehe

  2. maybe its because tmo is superior to all.
    well, they wish anyways.

  3. Everyone else sure did copy the myfavs y not att

  4. ha! t-mobile? please!!!!
    AT&T #1
    Yes we do have A-List now but does T-mobile offer Rollover minutes??? no they dont!! neither does verizon or sprint or any other phone company so AT&T has alot more to offer than any other company i have ever been with

  5. I signed up for the A-list but do really think it’s kind of a joke that on my family plan with 3 people I only get 10 numbers to use between all 3 of us for the A-list. No real benefit for all 3 of us. But it is a free addition to my plan so it is worth doing even if I feel it should be more numbers in the family plans.

  6. What sux is the fact that you can only get A-List if your on a $59 or higher Inidividual Plan. This means you have to have at least 900 minutes on your plan. If you need less minutes than 900 and want A-List your pretty much screwed. But oh well, I guess I’ll just have a huge roll-over balance…

  7. I’m not sure if AT&T is offering a-list anymore. I have been mulling over an at&t plan for the past couple of days by watching their website. A week ago a-list was there but I don’t see it listed under features anymore. If they discontinued a-list, that would be a deal breaker for my wife and I as all of our extended family are on Verizon… which means that we can’t call family for free if we are with ATT, even if they do have the best phones on the market and rollover minutes… it’s little compensation if you’re paying a $300 a month phone bill to talk to fam and friends and have a data/text plan.

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