What’s Worse – iCape or iTwinge?

icape When I see these types of accessories it makes me iCringe. The latest and greatest in haircut gadget accessories is the iCape and the iTwinge tries to make the iPhone a BlackBerry wannabe.

itwinge The iCape is essentially a haircut cape with a clear 6” by 8” window in the front so you don’t have to put your BlackBerry down while getting a haircut. There is not telling what that will do to distract your hair stylist but who cares! Check it out at icape.biz.

The iTwinge is trying to put a square peg into a round hole. They created a sleeve for the iPhone to give it a full QWERTY keyboard while uglifying the whole phone. I appreciate the elegance of Apple’s iPhone and this is just wrong… especially for $29.99! I admit that the iPhone is a pain to type on but was this really necessary?

So what is the worst cellphone accessory you ever ran into? Let us know in the comments!

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