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Multi-touch Berry coming soon

Well, maybe not exactly multi-touch really. So sue me. 🙂

But I would certainly be all thumbs to use one of the next BlackBerry phones on RIM’s product line if The Cool Guy Report’s report is accurate. After so many Berry aficionados clamoring for a BlackBerry with both QWERTY keyboard and touch screen, maybe RIM has finally given in: a BlackBerry with more human interaction input interfaces than you can wag a finger at.

Remember a while ago, probably 6 months ago, we all heard about this “mythical” Berry called “The Magnum”? We all thought it was going to have a touchscreen, full QWERTY keyboard, and it was supposed to be the size of a Bold. So, what ever happened to that phone?I guess the answer to that one is easy:
1) Name: Dakota
2) Size: Bold size
3) full QWERTY keyboard
4) GSM 3G speeds
5) Has a trackpad — yes, you read correctly
6) Has a touchscreen (this is where the angels start singing)
7) Its development is AHEAD of the Blackberry Essex. Yep, we are going to see this bad boy really soon.
Would you be interested in buying it?

I’m glad it’s not an iPhone, or someone would quickly scare up a Hopscotch app, or something like that.

So the crucial question is: would you be interested in buying it? Come on, we like it when an article gets over a hundred comments.

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  1. I’m in, depending on the cost and the network. I’m ready to upgrade my 8900 to a BB with at least 3G connectivity. I feel like I’m still in the stone ages over here.

  2. i would be interested. touch screen and keyboard would be perfect. have a bold now. just need touch screen with it

  3. definitely something to look forward to, i would buy it if tmobile gets their hands on it which i hope they do, but the 8900 has been one of rims best bb to date. hardly any issues and work great feels awesome

    • Something like this i been waiting for, i’ve always been saying that rim should make a phone like this, I really do hope tmobile comes out with this type. i also agree with you i feel like 8900 has been one of rims best bb.

  4. Would I buy one??? Are you crazy?? Hell yes!! I might even stand in line to get one.

  5. lmao might even stnd in line bb addicts are not likely t o stand in line like iphone fanboys

  6. Yes I would also be interested. I want the 9700 right now, but this would change that.

  7. definitely interested. have a bold now. thinking about upgrading to 9700 but would hold off if a combo like that were not far down the line.

  8. I would definitely want one if Tmo got their hands on it. I was wanting the 9700 but this one trumps the 9700.
    Dito the 8900 is one of the better BBs available right now. Great BB.

  9. Of couse I would, on Sprint

  10. I love my Bold, this phone is begining to sound like a bold with a trackpad and touchscreen, I briefly considered a Storm but this phone would change everything, If this phone goes to AT&T ill buy it on day one based on how well my Bold works on AT&T, if it goes to T-Mobile ill keep my Bold and hope for an AT&T model down the road. The AT&T Coverage and 3G is stellar in the high desert area that I live, I just cant give that up

  11. If it is an AT&T model, I’m sold!

  12. Yes, I would love it. It would be great also if Garmin can have its GPS software work with preloaded maps!

  13. No no no no no!!!! U all(RIM) can’t be doing this to me. Ur gonna make me piss my pants! I just got the 8900, I’m gonna get the storm 2, then I’m gonna get the 9700, and now it’s gonna be the Dakota. Yall just don’t want me to have any money.

  14. Yes.. I will!

  15. Definitely! There are so many ways that a responsive touch-screen could make BBs even more productive – obviously though, emails are NOT efficient to type on a touch screen… i love the idea of having both. Go RIM!

  16. While I like what I read about the 9700, I still like the form factor of my Bold. Dakota might be the replacement.

    I am so used to trading phones on a 3 to 6 month cycle that I keep praying that BB comes up with something better for me than my Bold. As of right now – I see nothing available that would make me trade.

    Dakota . . . . We’ll see when it’s released!

  17. its a about friggin time

  18. Yes I would put off getting the 9700 and wait for the official announcement.

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