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9630 official OS update from Verizon

Just yesterday OS got leaked out to the BlackBerry community and today Scott let us know that Verizon has began sending emails to announce an official OS update for the BlackBerry tour.  If you were one of the those that likes to wait for official updates you should fire up Desktop manager and plug your tour to get that update.

With official updates upgrading should be easy but as a rule of thumb always do a back up before doing an upgrade, also you can back up your 3rd party applications using BSAK just to be on the safe side. Hopefully this release helps out those who have been having trouble with the tour.  Let us know on the comments what you find and if any improvements. On another note where are those 5.0 leaks  thats what we really need 🙂

Thanks to Scott for the tip.

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  1. Hey you’re gonna cause a flurry of angry people with that typo!

    It’s .53, not .153!

  2. I understand that the e-mails have been coming from RIM, not Verizon. Being on on BES, the DM would not detect the update. I successfully downloaded and installed the “leaked” version. I haven’t noticed any real functional changes, but boot time has improved a bit and the nagging “random lags” appear to be gone for the most part.

    • Same here. The only thing I have notice is surfing the web when you scroll down it renders a bit faster. But all and all its a stable os.

  3. Well its Saturday evening and its yet to be offered for OTA upgrading. Having never done that before I’ve been hoping to try it.

  4. Am hearing rumors that the update has already been pulled

  5. Have no idea typical of them though and ätt

  6. Apparently RIM has pulled the update and users are no longer getting it via Desktop Manager. Some users have experienced errors in the upgrade process, so possibly this is related to RIM pulling it.

  7. Here is the changelog put together on BGR.

    Improved MMS notifications

    Improved Visual Voice Mail app

    Improved sound quality for Bluetooth headsets and voice calls

    Fixed geo-tagging error in the camera application

    Fixed an error with DRM music skipping

    Improved video player

    Added BlackBerry Messenger update notifications — check for new BBM updates automatically or manually.

    Fixed an issue with device restarting after activating morning alarm

    Fixed an issue with memory cleaning and sluggishness

    The first character is no longer duplicated when dialing from the
    home screen.

    Your smartphone may not have detected headset removal, causing it to remain connected to a disabled headset.

    When prompted to add an email account in the Setup Wizard, your smartphone may have jumped to “Bluetooth® Setup,” leaving you unable to navigate back to email setup.

    If you tried to save changes to a contact that only contained a company name, you may have received the error message “Contact updated externally. Changes will be lost and the view closed.”

  8. Unable to detect the upgrade using the DM (I am connected to a BES), I downloaded and installed the “leaked” copy using the AppLoader. Before actually installing, I removed the Documents 2 Go .alx file from the new firmware directory as not to overwrite my current installation with an earlier copy. Next, I installed the BBM 5.0 .alx file in the same directory plus the .cod files in the Java directory. The install of the firmware was uneventful (as well as rather quick!), but I had an issue during the data restore part. Apparently, the restore failed for any databases with no data records. I fixed this by performing an advanced manual restore, deselecting all such databases — the restore completed successfully, and I was good to go! Much better performance!

    I wonder if the data restore issue is the problem causing the release to be recalled?

  9. thats probably rim needs to get working on 5.0 instead and fix this errors dont u think that be great if they could just hurry up

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