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Seidio Innocase Snap – A “Different” Case for the BlackBerry Tour

seidio-innocase-snap Seidio let us know about their latest case release called the Innocase Snap. This case separates itself from the pack by only covering the back, sides, and bottom of your BlackBerry Tour to minimize bulk. I am kind of intrigued by the concept of such a case since it has a slick design. Too bad I don’t regularly use a Tour.

Seidio put some serious thought into the case by including their soft touch coating and including compatibility with their Innodocks and Cradles. The case is just 1mm thin so its nice and small and is made out of polycarbonate plastic. The nice part about this case is that it is simple to take on and off.

The Innocase Snap comes in black and blue currently and Seidio is running a discount for 20% off until September 20th. Just use the coupon code SNAP20 at these links (black model | blue model).

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  1. I wish they made it for the Bold as well as other Blackberries.

  2. There a re so many silicon types available for all the blackberry models. I feel the above Seidio types cases are there in market since a long time. You should checkout and They have the OEM’s too and are dead cheap. I am happy with my silicon $5 bucks OEM for my 8900 Javelin Curve.

    Why should one pay 4 times the amount when basically they are alomost the same!!!

  3. How do they compare with Case-Mate Barely There?

  4. Seidio makes a nice product. I am using their Spring Lock Holster ( for my Tour, and I love it — it allows protection to the screen and keyboard, but the device is quickly accessible. Also, they make a slightly larger capacity 1600 mAh battery for the Storm/Tour that fits into the same footprint as the RIM OEM battery (1400 mAh).

  5. There is a company called Incipio that makes cases like this called the “feather” I wonder how they compare to the Seidio ones

  6. This case is nothing like the silicon case it is a hard case for the back only, it snaps right on to the device easily, looks cool and gives you a better grip, this would be perfect for those who like to carry their BB on their hands or pockets. The case feels really smooth and comfortable on your hands. The smooth of the case keeps it from scratching the surface of the BB, maybe not for everyone but it is a different design than most of them. I can’t compare it to the barely there cases since I have never try them either, and the designs seems a bit different to begin with.

  7. I am using a Bold and I cover it with a Cozip case.
    From the description above, it seems the same, snap on/off, covering only sides n back.
    Website on the cover says;
    I absolutely love it for its sleek factor, but I do have 1 major complaint, these “snap-on” cases grip the sides and cover the silver rim, and it scratches the rims! Kinda beats the point of having a case!
    But since its too late, I’ve stuck by it. I’d research more on this b4 ordering it.

  8. arunb – Check this out and plus its fraction of the Seidio Case above.

    For 8900 Curve:

    For BB Tour:

    I am using them and they are awesome!

    Let me know 😉

  9. I don’t like the “rubber” cases. They won’t slide into my pocket very easy and they collect tons of lint, dust, and whatever else.

  10. I really don’t like this case. Just looked at the pictures for Seidio and what I can see is if you drop your blackberry it would pop right out. I do like the case webchetan talks about. The price is right for a piece of plastic/rubber.

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