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An App that Makes You More Romantic?

Girlfriend-keeper My best friends significant other sent me an article that really got my mind spinning. Its about an app that was just released for the iPhone that claims to make you more romantic. I kid you not…

The app is called Girlfriend Keeper and it does most of the dirty work for you. Say you are absent minded or just plain busy and forget to call, SMS, or email your significant other. You set a few specifications like your relationship level and how often you want it to contact your significant other. You also throw in her email address, number, and other specifics like your anniversary. (Which you hopefully know)

The app will then start sending romantic messages to your significant other. They have a database of over 1000 messages like:

Your birthday is in 148 days, perhaps I will get you something to match your green eyes.

Did you know we started dating 37 days and 8 hours ago?

The app will keep a list of messages it has sent so you can make sure not to be caught off guard. If they respond to the message it will be sent to you via email. The app will only send 5 message before you open it again to make sure you still want it to function. They are even coming out with some new features like multiple relationships for the real shmucks out there!

So is anybody else waiting for this application to be available for BlackBerrys?

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  1. Most useful app to date… I’d love to see this for blackberry!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAH NOOOOOOOOOOOO WAYS! This is crazy stuff happening right here! Who should make this app for BlackBerry ;-)?

  3. I would like to see it for blackberry. This would help on remembering my 5th no wait 4th anniversary and all anniversary after. Now if it could send flowers every week it would be another notch in our bedpost. 😉 chalk that up in the good books.

  4. You read my mind fabian 🙂 I just couldn’t stop laughing when I heard about the app

  5. I would love to get an app like that. Oops I forgot to contact you back will get you in the doghouse quick lol

  6. there is an similar that sends automated sms for dates like bday, anniversary already. forgot the name.

  7. This would be so Awesome!!! Iam prett romantic but it can get tiring and sometimes things slip my mind. This would help ensure Im always on top of my game. Would love this app on BB.

  8. Hi,
    This is funny but really coooooooooool. I think i need it the most 🙂
    Let me know if there are any possibilities to get this on Blackberry….. URGENT!!!! I GOT MARRIED SOME DAYS BACK and RELATIONSHIP STATUS IS ALREADY HEATED TO THE MAX 🙁

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