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Opera Mini 5 Beta Released – Adds Tabs & Password Manager!

operamini5 It looks like Opera finally let everybody in on the Beta 5 secret. The new version brings quite a few new features to the table with the notable addition of tabs and a password manager. Its kind of sad that Opera beat RIM to the table on this one. Hopefully OS 5.0 will fix that. I guess its time I install Opera on my BlackBerry yet again.

What’s new in 5.0:

  • Tabbed browsing
  • Speed dial 1 click websites
  • Touch and keypad optimizations
  • Password Manager
  • & More

Check out the details at or pick it up OTA at

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  1. wow this new browser is super fast and did away with the annoying scree while entering text

  2. Its telling me that they haven’t verified if it works on the storm but gave me the option to download it anyway or download 4. I downloaded 5 and it seems to work fine but I am not able to log in to my opera account from the settings.

  3. It works awesome. It’s pretty fast and the user interface is awesome. I have seen a few bugs, but that’s ok since it’s a beta. One big bug I noticed on my Bold is when I’m typing something and hit delete, it deletes whatever I just typed. Not one sentence, word, or letter, all of it. That kills it for me right there.

  4. if only they could figured out how to play videos on the browser this would kick all the other browsers out of the game specially since those other browsers are so slow

  5. Needs:
    Shortcut keys
    Automatically enter . when hit spacebar in url field.

  6. it works on OS 5!!!!!
    The one thing I would like to see is like bolt where you have both options to enter it in while looking at the page or you can edit and paste something into the address bar or into a text field …. But oh well ….

  7. One of my biggest pet peeves – on PC and BB – is applications that don’t replace their older versions. In other words, Opera 5 won’t overwrite Opera 4. You need to uninstall then reinstall. Boo!

  8. Am I missing something? They still have not given us the ability to use this a the default browser…Say we get an email with a link in it…I want that link to open in Opera…Not the BB browser…

  9. Where the hell is the RSS feature? That’s a dealbreaker for me, because I rarely visit sites unless I know they’ve been updated. What’s weird is that it has the “Add RSS” link option, but no way to actually read them. I’m assuming this will be added on in the final release.

  10. no option yet to set it as default browser it be cool if we could

  11. I don’t get an images to load. Not from the Opera page or BBC. Am I missing something? I checked the settings and images should be loading, yet they are not 🙁

  12. The mouse movement is annoying. It skips based on a grid. I had a checkbox I needed to check but couldn’t hit because the mouse kept skipping over it because the pointer would never land on it.

  13. WTF! Opera took over as my default browser on my Bold and there is no option to turn it off! Anybody find one?

    • I am noticing the same thing. When I click on a link in ubertwitter it takes me to Opera. This may be nice for some users but I am on a BES and if I need to use MDS services I am hosed. I like the ability but give us the option for the replacement.

    • I noticed the same thing on my Tour (OS v4.7.1.40). I uninstalled it as it is a pain to launch OTA installers!

    • Same thing here on my Storm 9500.. highly annoying! They should at least ASK before making themselves the default!

  14. its still Beta, but im ipressed with this new features and UI. Good work 🙂

  15. Here is the link to the user forums to report bugs for Opera Mini Beta 5.

    Hope this helps some of you.

  16. New version is as crappy and slow as the old. Still does not allow pasting a url in address bar (in the old version at least I had a workaround – using insert symbol – which is now gone.

    Btw, 1-key speed dial existed in the old version too.

  17. i saw two other bugs. first, when u want to delete one character, it deleting all text (u cant stop the cursor). second, that in displayed text not showing “r” letter. see the article bout ” games porting” on BerryReview.

  18. Does anyone here use TwiXtreme? I installed Opera and TwiXtreme disappeared from my Home screen. I hated Opera, uninstalled it and had to reboot so it wouldn’t be the default browser anymore. Then TwiXtreme reappeared, but it isn’t working anymore. It launches, the bird chirps for a few seconds then TwiXtreme crashes. No error messages, it just shuts down abruptly. I installed it again, over the same installation, and the problem remained. I unsintalled it, rebooted, installed it back and the problem remains. I think that Opera ruined my TwiXtreme.

    If you’re reading this, don’t install Opera. It sucks. It’s slow, the interface looks good but feels awful, obvious choices of form over function, many sites didn’t open. A mess.

  19. Sucks on my flip top phone. It slows and doesn’t look very good at all on my screen. Only good for all those iPhone rips. I’m going back to the old version.

  20. Great browser for everybody except those who don’t want to buy a really expensive phone. It is extremely slow on my phone. I thought that was the whole point of Opera Mini. Accessibility.

  21. A little bit slow on my phone, however browser is OK.

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