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Google Voice BlackBerry App v0.1.5 Released – This Time it Works!

image Last week we let you know that Google updated their voice app to 0.1.5 and then quickly pulled it down before anybody could install it. Now Nikolaus let me know that they put it back up and it works! This is not a huge version jump but as usual there is no change log from Google.

Pick it up at:

Let us know in the comments if you notice anything new!

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  1. google voice app has status %’s of refresh displayed now. along with the ability to change the Background refresh interval.

    still no alert options though… which i was really hoping for, but with the SMS -> email, not really needed.

  2. Things I have noticed: Homescreen icon looks a bit bigger. When GV started i saw no history, but then my history was loaded OTA and all was restored. Then under settings I noticed now you can select how often you want your update interval. Those are the only changes i’ve noticed

  3. Also have option to predownload voicemail messages while app is syncing, I guess instead of waiting for the dl when you push play. Also also, the option to play vm through speaker or handset setting seems to actually work now.

  4. & updated graphics when u select “Labels”

  5. Still no autotext when composing SMS

  6. i was hoping for more touch friendly controls for Storm, but no luck…

  7. When the first version of GV was released, I noted it had the following flaws:

    1) Must be connected to network when sending SMS. 2) Auto-text function does not work when composing SMS.
    3) No character count when composing SMS.
    4) No alert when text messages are received (no ring or vibrate).
    5) Voicemails need to be downloaded again every time you want to listen. It
    should download to my memory card the way Youmail does it. Also, it should
    download automatically right when the message is received, instead of
    manually pressing and waiting for download to come through.
    6) Easy access to address book on BlackBerry where you begin typing a name
    and it pulls up the address book quickly to call. Dialer should work like
    the BlackBerry dialer.
    7) SMS conversation does not show who sent which message. All messages (sent
    and received) are displayed with the other party’s name.

    It appears the new version fixes only #5 above.

  8. Seems like they took it down – again. Every time I try to get the download, all I get is the the mobile interface to my mobile account.

  9. Heads up…This IS working with OS 5.0+

  10. Can anyone send me an invitation for gv? [email protected]

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