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Rumor: T-Mobile Considering Purchase of Sprint?

sprint-t-mobile This little juicy rumor came out of left field yesterday. It looks like Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of T-Mobile, is considering a $10.6 billion bid for Sprint. I cannot imagine what they see in Sprint since they are billions of dollars in debt and use totally different technologies but who knows. I can just imagine the merger. A BlackBerry 10000 with 1700Mhz 3G, quad-band GSM, dual band CDMA/EVDO, & maybe even some iDen push to talk goodness. 🙂

Maybe T-Mobile is hoping to become more relevant as the 4th largest US carrier by buying the 3rd largest carrier (Sprint). Makes me wonder who the Telegraph’s sources are that leaked this little tidbit.

Still T-Mobile is doing pretty well with their rollout of 3G. They are planning on rolling out HSPA which will offer 7.2mbps speeds this year. Along with that they have announced plans to rollout HSPA+ with 21mbps theoretical speeds in 2010. Now I am really waiting for a T-Mobile BlackBerry 9700 Bold!

Thanks for sending this one in Nikolaus!

via Telegraph & CellPhoneSignal

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  1. It will be interesting to see what come of it, if the buy actually happens as I am on the sprint network.

    If T-Mobile does buy sprint would that make then to second largest or would they still be #3 in size

  2. Maybe they are tired of 4th place? If they kePt every Sprint customer they wouLd likely surpass ATT and be in 2nd, making them happy as the are 1st or 2nd most everywhere else they offer service.

    LOL, then Verizon would almost HAVE to try to buy out ATT to stay ahead. Then the USA market is just like everywhere else, Vodafone (Verizon parent) versus DT.

  3. That’s all we need, less competition in the marketplace. The price vs. cost on SMS proves that the wireless market is broken and there already is price collusion. Limiting the field to 3 or less players?.. get ready to pay, pay, pay.

    I hope Google or somebody else comes out with a disruptive technology that completely destroys the wireless carriers business model (or at least forces them to be more competitive). It happened to long distance providers and to some extent local voice, TV, music and the movie industry. Netbooks are just now doing it to the once mighty PC market. I’m licking my chops just thinking about it. Google voice is a good start. Now they just need a way to deliver the service without the carriers.

  4. It just makes sense on all levels. and no pay pay pay. Sprint sucks anyways but have good ideas and alot of customers. Verizon is switching to GSM anyways. A couple of Canadian companies are already making the move to GSM. So Since Sprint cant afford to make the move then having them bought out by T mobile makes sense. I’m excited about it. Making T mobiles 4G network come out faster in 2010. 9700 come home to

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