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Viigo FINALLY Adds Keyboard Shortcuts to Send Emails!

Viigo-send-email One of the features I always wanted in Viigo was the ability to have keyboard shortcuts for common functions. While Viigo has yet to get around the bug of using the spacebar to page down in articles CKim just let me know they have added two new shortcuts.

You can now forward an article by email by hitting the “F” key and you can send the article to yourself using the “S” key. I tried both of these shortcuts on Viigo version 3.1.330 and the “F” key worked to send an email but the “S” key did not work to send it to myself. Weirdly enough when I hit the “D” key it also let me forward the article…

Let me know if you discover any other shortcuts in Viigo!!! If you don’t already have Viigo you can pickup a copy at Now if only Viigo would add shortcuts to refresh each channel and open an article in the browser I would be a happy man!

Kim also mentioned these shortcuts that have been around for a bit:

U goes to next unread in all articles
O goes to next in same rss feed … Same as N
B goes back in same rss feed
P goes to previous in list

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  1. Unfortunately, it is not available for the 9360 (Tour).

  2. When will viigo have the ability to mark items from google reader as read. Or better yet, when will GOOGLE make a reader app!?

  3. I’ve been using most of these shortcuts for over a year. I’ve used them on the Bold since the day it came out and on the Curve before that. They’ve always worked.

  4. I’ve been running 3.1.352 for months now. I’ve never tried the F and S keys b4. F works fine but S don’t. D works on mine too. The others keys (u, p, etc) I’ve been using them for a long time with no issues..

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