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Free BlackBerry Tethering for Linux & Mac OSX with Berry4All

Berry4all Linux users and some Mac users have been left out in the cold when it comes to tethering your BlackBerry to your computer. Stefano let me know about a forum thread by Jaricanese that mentions Berry4All which used to be called BBTether.

This free application lets you tether your BlackBerry to quite a few Linux & Mac OSX operating systems including the following tested OS’s:

  • Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora
  • OS X: Tiger (PPC & x86), Leopard

Reports are coming back that this works on 8100 Pearls, 8220 Pearl Flips, 8330 & 8320 Curves, 8900 Curves, Bolds, 9500 Storms, & 9630 Tours and those are just the tested devices.

If you are a Linux fan like me or have OSX and need to get your tethering on check out the free Berry4All tethering app at

Keep up the good work Thibaut Colar!

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  1. Trying the Linux install now. Will report back soon!

    • I need to know if this is traceable by a cellphone carrier, such as Sprint.. will they charge you Phone as modem Charges? I used to do this on my HTC Touch Diamond.. for months.. never was traced and had free Phone as modem internet.



  2. Using Ubuntu 9.10 and my T-Mo 8900 connected, I was able to do some stuff (select T-Mo as my carrier) such as confirm USB communication, but didn’t get tethering to work because the terminal told me it had to be run as root. I am a Linux newby, and while I know what root is, I don’t know how to get this to run as root.

    • To run the program as root before you enter the command in terminal type sudo, then it will promt you for the root password.
      Good luck

    • I did what Randy suggested, and it worked. It also appears I was connected, but the speed seemed so slow that I wan’t actually able to get my browser to connect anything, except for Slashdot for only a moment and I can’t tell if my browser loaded from cache or not, so not a good test.

  3. Didn’t work for me. The hardware part of the process seems to work, but I would have to decrypt those chat scripts and make one for my carrier. I’m out of my depth there.

  4. Why should you have to run as root? I’m very skeptical

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