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Waterproof BlackBerry 8310?

Peter dropped his BlackBerry in a lake so he called up T-Mobile for a replacement. When he turned on the device the next day he was shocked to learn that the device still worked. Since he was sending it back anyways he decided to test how long his BlackBerry could survive underwater. Turns out the the device worked for over 2 minutes in a bowl of water!!!

Not that I am recommending taking your BlackBerry into the shower or along for a dive it still kind of remarkable!

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  1. This depends a little bit if there is salt in the water or not… if for example there is no salt in the water the risk that something happen with the mobile phone is very low… But in a normal lake should be always a little bit salt in the water ;-).

  2. Pure water does not conduct electricity so depending on where the water came from it’ll last until metals are leeched from the device and container.

  3. Anybody willing to give this a try with they bb.

  4. Gosh, this is very interesting…never thought I’d be seeing a blackberry working…under water.

  5. I accidentally pushed my cup of water over the table and all the water plashed directly onto my BB 8900. I dried it with a cotton cloth as quick as I could but the cursor started to jump all over the screen. The keyboard was completely wet. I turned the unit off and let the fan blow at it for about an hour, then blow dried it for about ten minutes. I used golfLogix on the unit the next day and it just worked like nothing happened. Infact I’m using my BB to write this comment.

  6. Nice. I dropped my Blackberry 8320 in the swimming pool for over 5 mins before it got its fresh air. well, it died. But after putting it into a container of rice grains for over 5days, it was working again!

  7. These stories are crazy! I guess maybe if it is just water. I once spilled some of my tom collins on the keyboard and borked the whole device. I guess the blackberry is a non-alcoholic

  8. We’ve had somebody drop their BB 8300 in the drink, and while it didn’t work initially, it eventually recovered after getting dry. It’s been working for several months now.

    The first thing to do whenever any electronic device gets wet is to immediately remove the battery (good luck with that to all iPhone owners) to reduce the risk of short circuits (no power, no shorts). It is these short circuits that can cause a lot of initial damage as they blow electrical components. Once that is done, dry the device thoroughly and then try again.

    Now salt water poses an additional problem, as the salt can cause the circuits in your device to corrode and therefore degrade quickly over time after having gotten wet. If possible, try to remove it ASAP. (Use moist, non-electrostatic cloth to clean circuit boards and connectors. You will need water to dissolve the salt, but obviously don’t soak the device in it.)

  9. I fell into a lake with my curve in my pocket. BB barely got wet (i was in for less than 10 seconds and it was in a closed cargo pocket..)
    Was working when i got out of the water, turned it off and dried it in rice, but the next day the radio started randomly turning off
    Never got better 🙁

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