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Google Voice BlackBerry App Updated to v0.1.5

GoogleVoice_Download UPDATE: It looks like Google took the update offline before anybody got their hands on it. Sorry guys!

Not sure what is new in this version but Nikolaus let us know that Google has updated their official Google Voice App to version 0.1.5. This is not a huge version jump but as usual there is no change log from Google.

Pick it up at:

Let us know in the comments if you notice anything new! Maybe it has to do with the forwarding SMS via email but I am not sure why that would need a version upgrade…

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  1. 404 error on getting the app. Anyone have any luck?

  2. 404: What’s up with that???

  3. 404 here too. Must be a rush to get the new version since the first one was a flop.

  4. Link is broken.

  5. Getting a 404 on Opera Mini too. Interestingly, when going through Opera Mini it says version 0.1.415. Blackberry browser shows 0.1.5. The version currenly installed on my BB is 0.1.415.742.2129. IT people love being mysterious.

  6. also getting error 404!

  7. Same here. 404

  8. its showing 0.1.415 now…


  10. They updated it the link, but now it’s back to the original version 0.1.415

  11. So the question now is if anyone every successfully got the update to this application?

  12. Looks like Google took it back before anybody got their hands on it

  13. Just tried it also, download is for 0.1.4

  14. I would assume at least Nikolaus got it? Care to upload and link to the .cod file, hopefully for a Bold?
    Oh well, update is prob screwed up or Goog wouldn’t have pulled it.

  15. It is up now!! One week later

  16. Right off the bat, I see what I think are new options to preload voicemail and also to select the background update interval. I don’t remember these before. Unfortunately, the very worst feature in my book (SMS entry using a non-standard interface that neither auto-capitalizes, spellchecks, uses AutoText, nor inserts periods, etc. still remains). This is absolutely ridiculous! I’ve only seen one other BB app like that and it was VERY alphaish. I’m still grateful the GV app exists, of course, but I just don’t understand how this ever launched with that glaring problem.

  17. Downloaded. Not that different. I really hoped there would be notifications now and it looks like not only are they not present but now the app doesn’t even show the yellow star when a new voicemail/text comes in.
    That’s a pretty huge step backward for me.

  18. How can I signup for an google voice account. Everytime I try to it says, we will contact you when available.

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