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BIS BlackBerry Data Outage… Maybe Caused By BIS 2.8 Upgrade?

maninthedarkUPDATE: JP reminded me that we broke the news of the new BIS 2.8 upgrade which is supposed to go live on Sep 11th. Maybe they broke something in preparation…

Looks like it has started. Audit on is reporting the following information from RIM:

This e-mail is to inform you of a network problem that MAY affect your Mobile Service.

Trouble Ticket Number: TT000011677021

Severity: 2-Medium

Description of Issue: Degradation of RIM BlackBerry BIS service.

Location of Issue: All Regions ;All Markets and surrounding areas

Start Time: Sep 09 2009 12:06 PM PDT

Symptoms you MAY experience: RIM BlackBerry BIS customers may experience delays in sending/receiving email.

Estimated time of repair: Unknown

Technicians are working towards resolution as quickly as possible.

Report back in the comments with your experiences

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  1. Yeah…its kinda funny that this started almost 3 hours ago and no one said anything. LOL. Everyone just recovering from the weekend…or doesn’t care.

  2. I thought it was a conspiracy by RIM to protect SMS revenue of the carriers by blocking the newly-implemented Google Voice text forwarding to e-mail.

  3. What’s bugging me is Telus is working bugs out of their system for the last 3 days and no Telus stores across Canada can’t get on the system. Grrrrr, Now you tell me BIS is down holy cr**!!

  4. Everything seems to be working fine here (mainland Europe) i.e. no outage or delays.

  5. haha, since when was the word ‘crap’ needing censorship???
    I’ve been getting all my emails fine here in the midwest.

  6. yeahhh im in NEW JERSEY, and i have not been getting my emails in over an hour, i thought it was because of the gmail plug in………… then i tried checking the setup for email icon, and the link to it is just slow…… good stuff, thanks for posting this thread.

  7. movistar chile is down

  8. yep

    she’s down, just started to get some emails. Long live Gmail app.. cheers

  9. Hope it doesn’t last too long.

  10. A Tour and a Storm on Verizon in San Diego. No emails over 6 accounts in several hours. 🙁

  11. Lame. This has been going on since about 3pm in VA with Verizon. Come onnnnn. I need my crackberry!


  13. This sucks! I just purchased several apps from you guys and I can’t receive them because of RIM. Think y’all could send them as a text message. 🙂 At least I am receiving those. By the way I am in Mississippi. Experiencing problems here too.

  14. Just received a couple of emails that are over 3 hours old.

  15. Still no emails here in Columbus, Ohio…..

  16. I just pinged two contacts of mine to see whats going on. They will hopefully get back to me…

    Did anybody else notice that you cannot login to the AT&T BIS? Once you login it just freezes at processing

  17. Verizon, St. Louis. Last email received stamped 4:04 pm, currently 6:40 pm and nothing more recent received yet.

  18. by the way, i’m on verizon in columbus ohio…….

  19. Tampa/Orlando down

  20. Wondering if the outages are due to the BIS upgrade that is supposed to be up and running by tomorrow as per the articles earlier this month.

  21. I hope somebody would have the brains that if this was an upgrade, they would at least load balance so that you do not have a outage like this.

  22. Just got a bunch of email in a spurt through BIS in Manhattan on AT&T

  23. I checked the tip I got from my source and the scheduled go live date for BIS 2.8 is September 11th. Maybe RIM is doing some work in preparation for the upgrade?

  24. Its down here in Ottawa and just got the email that I won Empower and the one from luis. Ronen can you tell luis I got his email. Just waiting for telus to be up and running, as there system is down and Telus can’t to the swap for us. so I can return my wifes phone. I don’t want to send an eamil off to Empower till she gets her new pin. Thanks.

  25. Just started getting all my emails in… Im in Southern Ontario

  26. Crossing fingers, getting 400 emails that were backlogged…

  27. 1845 PDT in San Diego and emails are flowing in now. Gee, only a 6+ hour down time and silence out of RIM. Sad. Gmail goes down 15 monutes and you’d think the world had stopped spinning, but at least Google was posting status reports….FAIL RIM, approaching EPIC.

  28. Half hour or more delays still in Mass on T-Mobile. 11:30est

  29. No email since noon California time. It is now 9PM. This is not cool.

  30. Sucks to be me: I decided to do a “wipe & re-install” of the last AT&T firmware yesterday afternoon! No service books were sent; Couldn’t log in to RIM to request them; No emails. Poor timing on my part!

    Open letter to RIM: Let us know 12 hours before you’re going to have an Service Outage, please! ;-))

  31. Orange UK is down too 🙁

  32. Celcom Malaysia was down for a while…

    This outage thing to me is not good especially if service provider don’t send any announcement to users…Smartphone competition is getting tougher and I think RIM should avoid this kind of things…

  33. Orange UK seems to be back up and running 🙂

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