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AT&T Adding Free Unlimited Calling to 5 “A-List” Numbers


AT&T has just raised their bar in more places. One of their big differentiators was and is rollover minutes while other carriers like T-Mobile & Verizon offered unlimited calling to 5+ preselected numbers. Now AT&T is going to offer both rollover AND unlimited calling to 5 friends on individual plans and 10 on FamilyTalk plans!

AT&T is calling it AT&T A-List with Rollover where you can call five “VIP” domestic numbers at no cost or 10 numbers on a family plan. The only catch is that you need to either be on an individual nation plan of $59.99+ or a FamilyTalk plan of $89.99+. Once the program goes live on September 20 you will be able to manage the VIP A-List at

So what do you think? Is the A-List going to make you stick with AT&T as the iPhone slowly kills their data network?

Thanks Peter for sending this one in!

via AT&T

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  1. Minutes?! What are those? 😉

    It seems nowadays, I use my data plan to communicate with people more than my phone minutes. Between Twitter, FaceBook, text, BB Messenger, email, it doesn’t seem like I use the ‘phone’ part too much. In fact, one of the few people I actually do call, is the love of my life, just because love is measured in time and not in bytes. =)


  2. Thanks for the heads-up. I already have free LD in my plan, but what I did discover though is that I’m paying $59.99/mo for 700 family roll-over minutes and this is 900 for the same price, so they’ll get a little call from me… The crooks! 🙂

  3. Considering that the lowest voice plan includes about 5 times as many minutes as I actually use, this won’t help me at all. It’s nice to know that my wasted money gives others more options now. [/sarcasm]

  4. I’d have to agree with the first comment now. T-Mo offers the same thing, but if add that to the fact that actual phone calls are becoming a thing of the past, all u get is a shoulder shrug from the overwhelming majority. Minutes are quickly becoming inferior in the deal makers and breakers. I doubt AT&Ts “A-list”(cheesy and obviously, predictable name…hats off to the marketing team at AT&T. YOU’RE FIRED) will sway or keep new and existing customers (respectively).LONG STORY SHORT: If I can get the same deal for a cheaper price at T-Mobile, screw the “A” out of “A-list”. They can pop shove that crap where the bars don’t rise.

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