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Less People Using Bluetooth Headsets – Maybe Rings Will Help!

bluetooth-rings I was reading an article on IntoMobile over the weekend where it listed some stats that really surprised me. The research firm Strategy Analytics found that only 26 percent US headset owners use their Bluetooth device every day. That is pretty low if you consider the fact that last year the number was at 43%. Maybe it is just not that cool any more to walk down the street talking to yourself. The numbers are a little higher in Europe but only time will tell if Europe does follow the US.

This lead me to believe that what Bluetooth headsets are lacking is the coolness factor. Maybe those extra 17% were using their headsets for the look at me factor. Now that practically every phone has Bluetooth and headsets can be had for sub $20 prices it may no longer be cool.

So you might ask what the solution may be. The guys at MobileCrunch spotted the Bluetooth Rings concept design from bck. Seriously these are two rings that you wear and actually talk to your hand! I guess they will have to rename it from hands-free to hand-full and I cannot imagine driving while using one of these… 🙂 Still the novelty is amazing.

What do you think? Are you using your Bluetooth headset less?

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  1. The only reason I use a bluetooth is that 200 dollar ticket.

    But when I am in the street, or store, I will hold the phone in my hand, to sort of show that i am on a phone, just with a bluetooth.

  2. I wear glasses and have yet to find a comfortable BT solution. Can’t stand the “in ear” headsets and all the “on ear” ones I’ve been able try just aren’t comfortable with the earpiece for glasses.

    • Have you checked out the Scala 500? It comes with a special piece you can attach to your glasses so it hangs down instead of using the around-the-ear attachment.

      • No I hadn’t, but thanks I will. Seems to me that would unbalance the glasses pretty severely. Even though it is small and light. I wonder if they offer a counterweight you hang on the other earpiece to keep things even…??? 😉

  3. Get lasik 🙂 best decision I ever made after my wife 🙂

  4. For me its the PRICE of BT. The jawbone sells for $139.99 here in Canada. I’m not ready to shell out that much for a earing Aid.

  5. Aside from looking like you’re talking to yourself (which is actually a good thing in some cities since people will then cut you a wide berth), it’s hard to find a good bluetooth option. A lot of smaller cellphones suffer cause the microphone is far from the mouth, with bluetooth it’s even worse and you get to deal with wind noise or it’s algorithms for deleting what it thinks is wind noise. I often wind up cupping one hand from the bluetooth mic towards my mouth to channel the sound. I don’t really want to get a boom mic bluetooth cause that’d be a pain to carry around and I’m pretty sure I’d break it pretty quick. I think most peole have gotten a bluetooth, found it only worked well in certian conditions and only use it in those conditions instead of trying other bluetooths (they might’ve been basing their judgements on low-end models and thinking if it works that poorly why spend more on another one – even a lot of high end models get bad reviews).

    As far as the rings go they need to go one step further – there are plenty of people into piercings, make the speaker part into an earring and the microphone part into a lebret or lip ring.

  6. I would never get a piercing but the idea of earring headsets is appealing 🙂

  7. Wow, if I had those, I would REALLY feel like Inspector Gadget.

  8. Not a coolness issue, a pain on the earclip issue and even more so the aggravation of keeping that lil junk charged. With my old 8100 I just forsook it for corded headset or speakerphone – alas the 8900 jack is not the same (wtf) so it’s just speakerphone for me now.

    At least I’m trying – most ppl I see just flag the law and talk straight on into the phone. Ah that just makes me yearn for the good ole days. But at least the 8900 speaker’s great works for me.

    What we need is a “power tether” option to charge headset via the bb itself – reverse usb anyone?

  9. The only time is in the car.

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