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BerryReview Hits 5,000 Articles! $100 Giveaway!

bemyfriend A little over 2 years ago I launched BerryReview with the intent of providing useful BlackBerry news to the growing population of BlackBerry users. During that time the site grew from myself to our current team of 12 and numerous contributing authors.

This article marks a impressive milestone for BerryReview. It is the 5000th article that has been published since June 1st, 2007. With this article I wanted to express my gratitude to all our readers and especially our dedicated team who have contributed in making BerryReview what it is today. Starting from humble beginnings BerryReview now boasts over 750,000+ visitors a month ranging from over 200 different countries. I really hope that the site will continue to grow as BlackBerry spread around the world. If you feel like you have what it takes to join the team or have something to contribute feel free to contact us at this link.

Giveaway details: As a token of appreciation to you, our valuable readers, and this amazing milestone we decided to offer a giveaway of a $100 Amazon or PayPal gift certificate. The contest is relatively simple and only requires two things:

  1. You just need to leave a comment on this article with a link to what you consider is the best article ever written on BerryReview.
  2. You must also leave a short comment on why you believe your choice should win. Be creative!


  • You may only enter this contest once so if you enter in two comments you will be disqualified.
  • You must include a valid email address along with the tip or else we won’t be able to contact you if you win.
  • If you are chosen, you will be notified by email. Winners must respond within three days of the end of the contest. If you do not respond within that period, another winner will be chosen.
  • If you are selected as the winner we will do our best to get you your prize as long as it is allowed by law. For example, if you live in Nigeria you are probably out of luck.
  • We reserve the right to modify, end, or cancel this promotion at any time at our sole discretion.
  • The winner can choose that the $100 USD prize be delivered through either PayPal OR an Amazon gift certificate. (Keep in mind that PayPal will probably deduct some fees.)
  • Entries can be submitted until Sunday, September 13th, at 11:59PM ET. Good luck!

Onward and upward to 10,000!

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  1. wow… i am the first one to read the 5000th article.. hells ya

    i think there are just way toooo many awesome articles here at BR, and to be truely honest, it is hard to pick one.

    But just a few days ago i read your article “I have a Blackberry Dream” and I thought it was awesome. Many many excellent points, my biggest pit pioy, THE BB OS,

    I believe RIM needs to seriously start listening to your and many blogs alike,

    and offcourse great work on the website and good luck in the future


  2. And, I am only the 2nd one to read this????

    I love all the information I get from BR, and should win a prize because I am so berry clever.

  3. It’s gotta be the release of the greatest Blackberry app ever!!!!

  4. Here is the link:

    I think that’s the best article because it made me laugh the moment I read the title.
    I think my choice should win because everyone requires a little bit of rumor and there is nothing better than humor that involves a blackberry; and, needless to say Eric Shmidt! lol. But seriously – I think this has got to be the best article by BR even though all the articles are great and written just so well 🙂

  5. Weeeell I think the best article on berryreview is this one! I mean come on 5,000!! Berryreview has come a long way and getting better and better at letting all us berry addicts know what’s new in the BB world. And why I should win well I’m just broke plain and simple! Haha!

  6. I think many articles is interesting on BR, but i think this one is the best, because not only we can celebrate BR web but we reader also get reward from BR. Amaizing.
    I think all reader also agree with me

    BR Amaizing!!!

  7. Here is one article which I feel is very meaningful for people for who take their berries seriously and want to know the intricacies of it… I mean this is the very basis of the existence of the BlackBerry realm.

    Also… I am sending a note of appreciation to you all for all the efforts you are giving to keep up this site. When I first got into the BlackBerry world, the 1st website which I used to open was BUT NOW the 1st website I open everyday even before BlackBerryForums is “”.

    I first look into your website before even going to any other website and it has become a habit. Someone has rightly said “Habit if not resisted becomes a necessity” and checking BerryReview has become a necessity for me.

    Please keep up the good work.

  8. I like the fact that you guys always managed to pull good relevant articles from within BB’s big belly of wisdom. But truly sorry, this is my fav:
    Funny Survey Says 35% Would Choose PDA Over Spouse

    Why should I win? I hope this persuade you:

  9. As a long time subscriber to the RSS feed for BerryReview & now following on twitter, there are tons of posts that I find valuable. The post that I would call the best article is an example on what attracts me so much to this site.

    This is the first article posted for the 5.0 BB Messenger upgrade. I hilight this post because it’s a perfect example of what BerryReview does best: bring its readers the newest BB software & news, while also showcasing the spirit of community that keeps me loyal to the site. The article attracted 108 comments, many of which were users updating it with new active download links or troubleshooting for others who have problems. BerryReview is my #1 source for BB info and I wish you the best of luck as you continue down you path to greatness. Here’s to 50.000+ more!

  10. While it wasn’t an article written by BerryReview per se, it was the first article I saw regarding the Storm…my very first Blackberry:

    I was researching new phones and the BerryReview site was one of the top hits on Google for whatever it was that I was querying. I actually landed on a different article, but when I returned to BerryReview’s home page, it was this post about the Storm that got me interested.

    It went downhill from there.

    Now, because of that one article, I’m a Crackberry addict, and have got all my friends and most of my family to use one (specifically the Storm). Thanks, BerryReview 🙂

  11. My favorite article has got to be this one:
    BerryReview Hits 5,000 Articles! $100 Giveaway!

    Why, you ask? Because it’ll win me $100!!!!

  12. My favorite is:

    WTF: Beauty and the Geek Jeans.

    It just reminds readers that those of us “BlackBerry geeks” haven’t quite gone over the edge YET (like the developers of this product obviously have!). 😉

  13. My thought is:

    BerryReview Hits 5,000 Articles! $100 Giveaway!

    It’s kinda fun for readers since i think this article itself is the best so far. However, it’s because i think most of articles on are best and useful to everyone, and because of that, we have this article now. Otherwise, nobody keeps reading, and will you,, keep posting article till the 5000th and more.

    Anyway I read everyday, i am your crazy fan. Berryreview is the best ever.


    Only becasue it’s the oldest article I could fine that I believe started this great milestone of achievement.

  15. My favorite without question is Ron’s dream/diatribe to RIM…..

    I wish they would read it… Would make for a far better device!!

    Thanks BERRYREVIEW for the hard work.


    This simply yet very informative article would really give a lot of new users something to start with to understand where BlackBerry’s coming from. I love the series, read ’em all.

    Congratulations Ron and everyone here at Berryreview.


    Like this article for several reasons.
    -It’s a great app
    -Nice mix of screenshots, text and a link to a video
    -Good coverage of the various features that the app has

  18. Haha,

    Best article:

    And I love the NEW forums.
    Keep it up men.

  19. this one save my life:

    while a was a n00b using blackberry devices, “somehow” i deleted some apps… and well… after 2 hours fighting to restor’em i found out that there were a way to wipe the device and install any OS for that model.

    Thx so much BR for letting me know about such tool (now BBSAK has replaced but those days were the way to do it), i love the old school look!

  20. Congratulations on #5000 from the Big Easy in New Orleans! My favorite story was on 1/30/08 when you reviewed the Viigo app for b-berry. After reading the story, I jumped on the app like an alligator on a nutria. This turned me into a certified addict because now check Viigo almost every day. A well deserved honorable mention goes to the day. I could download a shortcut app from y’all on my “grey ghost”(yes I named my berry). Keep up the great work and here’s a sign of a true b-berry addict:we bring our berries to the restroom with a kung-fu grip of course!! Peace!!

  21. i really think i shoudl win, this is a great website, i even applied for a job but I am not old enough to be a writer yet, best reviews on the web, congrats and hope to win the certificate

  22. Even some people had mentioned before me,
    i will also say, this is the best article i ever read in BR,
    Because this one can let all the readers been interaction with br.
    A good article should be like this, benefit both.haha~

  23. Below is my best article in BerryReview. When I received my first ever Blackberry 8707v on July 2008, I was a BB newbie and I read the BerryReview article below. From then on, I became the Viigo and THK addict till now. I can’t live without checking Viigo news daily, hehe.

    I strongly believed my entry should win because I like BB so much and I deserved to upgrade my BB to BOLD or STORM using the $100 Amazon or PayPal gift certificate. Hehe…


  24. I have not been reading BerryReview for very long but since I have found it I love it! I especially love the articles on OS leaks. They seem to be here pretty quickly after the links happen. With that in mind, the article detailing the release of the latest Bold OS leak is my favorite 🙂

  25. First off, CONGRATS on your fast organic growth!
    I think one of the best articles/tips I read was give by my co-latino Luis Merlos:

    This post saved me from throwing my Bold out the window many-many times. I like to dot-the-i’s where needed in english and/or spanish, but more often than not, I write in spanish to family, friends, facebook rantings, etc., so putting the accent where needed can save a lot of enbarrassment, and specially being able to change the “n” for the “Ñ”, as AÑO in spanish is TOOOOTALLY different than ANO (right Luis?) 😉
    So thanks, BR, Ronen, and Luis!
    Oh, yeah and I should win for being polite and not wishing a “Feliz Ano” to all my friends!

  26. I enjoy reading BerryReview very much. You provide solid article yet very comprehensive.

    This article interests me most and considered best BerryReview’s article:

    I give you strong applause to the last line, quote “change how we use our BlackBerrys”. Indeed many applications open our minds that there more Blackberry can do then just receving emails.

    Bravo BerryReview… Keep writing nice articles…


  27. My fav posts are the ones of upcoming device sneak peaks and OS releases, this is one of the few places that you can find those posts easly and most times first on here. Everyone loves new software, also my second favs are the contest posts.

  28. Congrats on the milestone! While I have to admit there isn’t any one article I would rank over any other in terms of interesting reads (great mix of hardcore techie info, humor, social commentary even), I really like the entire set of DreamBerry articles, possibly because I, too, am a pretty excellent dreamer and often find myself holding this hunk of metal and plastic and marvel at how much it has changed the way I go about my day. Of course, it’s not as much about merely dreaming as it is about what a great and supportive developer community that makes these dreamberry dreams come true.

    The best example of this is this one, Sometimes I wonder if Ronen and Fabian are in cahoots just to bring in the readership! I’m only kidding about being in cahoots but you can’t help but wonder how many other fine developers are reading BR and trying to make our dreams come true. Keep up the great work!

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