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Contest: A chance to win one of 50 Free copies of Empower SMS Viewer

Since the beta stages  Empower SMS viewer has been one of my favorite 3rd party apps to use. Empower SMS viewer is another way to give your SMS a little bit of your own style by allowing you to customize the appearance of your SMS screen. This application lets you set your own background, adjust font styles, and if you have a picture set for you contacts it displays that as well. One of my favorite is how it displays smiley faces, and the fact that you can change the display color of incoming messages and the messages you send is another plus for me and I also like the option to hit enter to send messages.

NOTE: One thing that users wanted was a fully integrated grouping of SMS right now the application only shows SMS in a threaded manner, Ani let me know that this feature is on the works and an upgrade will be available soon that will include grouping of SMS.

ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 03 22.57

ScreenHunter_02 Sep. 03 22.58

Description & Features from the developer:

Empower SMS Viewer is a fully device based application that enables you to view and compose rich format SMS right inside your native SMS application. Now you can read your SMS – with Colors, Smiley’s, and Web Links in all their glory!

  • Fully On-device. No Setup required.
  • Seamless Integration with the native SMS app.
  • Threaded SMS view with Incoming and Outgoing SMS icons
  • Turn URLs into colorful web-links.
  • Express better with real graphic Smileys!
  • Quickly compose rich SMS using SMS Templates and SMS Smileys!
  • Customizable graphic backgrounds, use the default or choose your own!
  • Integrates with Quick SMS and SMS Popup apps.
  • Different options for font, style, headers etc.
  • Numerous customization option to configure it exactly the way you want.
  • Supported on ALL OS 4.2.1 and above!

SMS viewer is sold at both and at our Berryreview store for $14.99 a trial is available

So here is the deal the contest will run until Monday at Midnight and to participate just leave a comment below, you can either tell me why you deserve a copy of this for free, or you can tell me a funny story, for example replying to the wrong message and telling somebody something you were not supposed to, I know I’ve done that before. This is just for the contest, empower is not designed to keep you from sending messages to the wrong person. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.  Thanks to Empower for the contest, you can check out some of their other apps at

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  1. I think i need a copy since i am always keeping an eye on the site lol lol,

  2. I would want a copy of empower sms
    Because it will be able to show of a expensive app
    To my friends and be the envy and
    They will want to buy it.
    Hope I get chance for a free copy
    And hope everyone has a good holiday

  3. I’d love to win this cool SMS app. Pick me!

  4. I once replied to an SMS from by boss without knowing it because he NEVER texted me! I thought I was sending an SMS to my wife telling her how a “pain” I thought he was, but instead I hit the “reply” and wrote the thing. Luckily for me I had put an emoticon and he thought I was joking! Little did he know….. ! :-)
    With this app I may be able to differentiate next time!
    So you see? I NEED TO WIN THIS!

  5. this would be awesome, with the background and font changes would make my texts pop out instead of the boring plain white. color url\’s and sms intergration with apps all positives.

  6. I think i need a copy too, Thanks,

  7. Coooolll!!!
    No more boring SMS with it!
    Want one please!

  8. threaded sms should be a native support of blackberry. Would love to try this app

  9. My son and I were texting back and forth and he was also texting to his girlfriend. Well, he replied to me with what he meant to send to his girlfriend and we got a big laugh about it for a while (he and I are very close so he wasn’t too embarassed about it)

    I would really like to win this app it sounds great!!

  10. This would make my life so much easier with fewer mistaks! I was texting with my brother and next think I know my mother replys yelling at me for what I texted her…I unknowlingly sent the text to her because I mistaken her 1st as from my brother so My reply was “YOu’re NOT my parent you can’t tell me what to do and not to do!!!”


    It took me a week or so to fix that situation!!!

    I truely need this SMS App, Please pick me!

  11. This app would be awesome because sms messages deserve to be a lot more than plain!

  12. I’m just an old man that needs all the help he can get…

  13. Id love to have a copy of this. I paid for it several months ago then my BB crashed and lost everything. I didnt think I would be able to get it back cuz I lost all the info, so just decided to put up with the plain jane version from Blackberry. I love the looks of it now that I have seen it again. Now I really want it back.

  14. Well, I accidentially was talking about someone and ended up sending them that same text. The person responsded excuse me. I was so shock – I had to play it off saying you know it was someone at work who has the same name as you… My B, lol.

  15. I would like to have this as well.

  16. I was trying to avoid taking a call from one of my friends (who was being annoying at the time). After a little while, the friend starting texting me. Around the same time, my cousin texted me; I meant to reply to my cousin, and mentioned in the text that I was avoiding that friend. Sadly, my cousin never got the text, because I accidentally sent it to that friend.

  17. I deserve a copy of this for free because I’ll write an honest review of the app (which, judging from the app description, will be a very positive one).

  18. I went to reply to a friend about some very specific information about a job opening and as I was watching the message send i saw that I was replying to the wring person. Someone who I did not want to have the competitive advantage about the job opening. Man was i mad that I did that. Needless to say I have yet to interview but we will see how things go.

  19. I need Empower SMS Viewer because…. A few years ago, I accidentally sent a message about some uhhh…. gastrointestinal problems…. to my crush instead of my best friend. I responded to the wrong message in the list :(

  20. It will help the technologically challenged!

  21. I should get a copy, it would be the best bday present ever!!! =) (9/6)

  22. I text my non-BlackBerry friends a lot and I truely wished they were BlackBerry users. Fortunately, I have NEVER SMS’d anyone the wrong message. With Empower SMS, I can be guaranteed that will never happen. =) =)

  23. There is this really cool contest going on at berryreview! They are giving away a cool app called Empower SMS Viewer! I’m so gonna enter the contest dude! Lol j/k lmao! 😀

  24. I would like a free if it’s ok with you plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  25. i Deserve a copy of Empower SMS Viewer because i always reply to the wrong person when I’m texting multiple people at the same time. For example, i was texting two ladies i was dating at the same time..lets just say that it turned out to be a disaster..both ladies teamed up on me a the place i was supposed to meet one of em..yeah. lol.

  26. This looks like a wonderful app! I text more than I talk. This app would make things so much easier. I was so embarrassed once when I went to send my hubby a rather naughty message and well…..sent it to his boss instead! His bosses name was right below his on my contacts. Needless to say…it took a lot of explaining. And I still can’t look at my husbands boss without blushing.

  27. I need this app. I have to reply a ton sms every day. Friends, work, familyl etc. I want it. Thanx

  28. Sent message to boss about boss being stupid and unreasonable and retarded. Meant to send it to friend. I did not. Boss did not take it like the joke I played it off to be. Woopsie. This app would have saved me some grief.

  29. I’ve been talking to my wife via sms, a little to dirty at times, and sent them to her fathers cell, both their contact names start with a w! Was a pretty long and hard x-mis last year! Its hard to talk to him after some of the stuff I said! Talk about embarrassed!

  30. I would absolutely love to have this app cause I’m filthy SMS whore! 😉 4000+ txt’s a month kinda whore. This app would help me keep it all organized and neat, and also it would keep me from sending that “sexy” and often incriminating txt to the wrong girl when replying 😮 Oh c’mon, like it’s never happened to you before! lol!

  31. One of the reasons why I should win is because I was actually thinking about getting this app today, since I’m in dire need of some SMS support.

    More importantly, I have an 8220 and, even though it’s one of the newer berries with 4.6 OS, it seems to be widely ignored by berry community.

    So, when I see great apps that actually work well with my berry, I always want to support them and their developers.

    I’d love a chance to win this.

  32. i think i should get one cause i have sent a few tips to ronen and others on here about stuff and im always on the site :) cause lets face it this is the place to be :)

  33. I think I should get a copy because I am a father of 6 and my blackberry is my only escape.

  34. Had this on a Beta and loved it.
    Be nice to have the latest version!

  35. I’m a user of Empower HTML Email Viewer and I’ts a great app. I’m sure Empower SMS Viewer is another great app that will allow me to view and compose rich format sms with color, smileys and web links. I need a copy, please!

  36. Berryreview to the World. No doubt. Really would love to get a copy. No.1 visited website. Always keep my BlackBerry up to date with software and info.

  37. I would love a copy because I need my SMS pink!!!! LOL

  38. I would {{{love}}} a free copy of **Empower SMS Viewer** because I’m addicted to my BB and buying software for it ….therefore you would be helping me with my addiction, and I will not need a family intervention after all!:) I thank you, my family thanks you, and my shrink thanks you :)

  39. I would really like this app. I was one of those people who didn’t think much of threaded SMS, but the more I read about it, the more I think I NEED it :p hope I win!

  40. Man O Man I would love to get a copy for my wife. Our anniversary is coming up and what more then a give of Empower berry love.

  41. Great looking app, would like to test this out on my Bold and also would be nice to have sms threading without loading

  42. It has all the features which I have been looking for, user friendly, smileys (cool factor). due to the economic downturn, I have decided to save money from buying apps and wait for a chance like this. It would look great on my trusted boldy.

  43. the reason i deserve this app is because i love the threaded sms. Freaking awesome…

    RIM has taken their sweet time in getting this done but empower has empowered us to get it before the manufacturer could get’rrrr done


    pS. i like this format of posting to win contest better. i always miss out on the other ones that are first come first serve. i always check berryreview but luck is usually not on my side


  44. OK, my first visit and I already like what I see. Pick me please!

  45. I would be so grateful for a copy of this simply because IM A BROKE BASTARD! =)

  46. I’d like a free copy. I’ve paid for Empower’s HTML Viewer and love it. :)

  47. Welcome to berryrevirew

  48. I think I need one because the default BB sms message screen is BORING. It is the blandest thing that I have to look at every day. My eyes are seriously hating me whenever I look at a message. Plus, ESMSV gives me the ability to use smilies. That is just making this phone even better with a nice app to make the experience a whole lot nicer. So do me a favor, and help my eyes.

    Thanks to Empower for doing this, as well as BerryReview for always doing the best contests for their readers.

  49. Great app ! Would be really nice to have it :)

  50. Nice apps. I want one

  51. so one time i text messaged this girl and like i really like u and stuff, cause someone todl me she liked me, but i texted the wrong girl and ended up going out with the wrong girl hahah

  52. Here’s my entry.

  53. I accidentally SMS’d the wrong girl the time of a movie that I was going to see with another girl. BIG MISTAKE. It was hard to weasel my way out of that one. I need this app so I won’t do that again :)

  54. nice i want please pick me :-)

  55. I’d like to win this one

  56. Win win win

  57. it takes me a lot of time trying to figure out how to make “faces” using the symbols from my BlackBerry Pearl. It’s not necessarily a waste of time but sometimes when i’m in a hurry, instead of a “face”/emoticon, it seems i’m sending some hieroglyphic stuff and i don’t even know what it is!

    save me, please.

  58. I have used the trial of this and it’s pretty nice. I would love to get a copy for my BlackBerry.

  59. My birthday is Thursday and this would be a great birthday present for me and my 8900

  60. I believe I deserve a free copy of Empower SMS Viewer because between my sister & girlfriend texting me roughly 4,000 text a month it’ll be easier to keep tabs on each person.

    I’m currently enjoying my lovely 8900 & that would be a great addition.

    Thanks Empower & BerryReview for the contest. Good luck to all!

  61. I live in Viet Nam, I used to try it and I really love this soft but it is too expensive for me. I hope I can win but I never win this kind of game so I only can say congratulation to the winner.

  62. I actually beta’d for this program love it but didnt have enough green to pay for it but i would recommend this to anyone with a bb

  63. I would like win this app, because Its the best at far, you can’t think in another app better than this (In his field)

    I will never see my SMS in other way :)

    This app rocks

  64. I hope to have a good luck this time, i think that it is a great app for the BB, i was using couple month ago the beta version and i can say that i one of the best app i used on by bold. Thanks Berryreview and Empower for the contest.

  65. Thanks Berryreview and Empower for this contest, please let me win this time, i think i deserve to win this great app because i am the biggest fan of Berryreview and i visit this webpage every single day.

  66. its great app!

  67. Empower sms is great application for Blackberry heavy user like me to communicate with non-blackberry users, by the old fashion way: sms.
    With Empower, sms will be seen like emails with many colors and nice features.
    A license is appreciated.


  68. I want this because I want threaded SMS! Really, who doesn’t, and why don’t we already have it? Plus I want my SMSes to look really good too!

  69. Ok – this is pretty lame but I am turning 50 in less than a month and I’ve been told it is all over after that. So it would be great to have a nice small birthday gift for free – I never win anything :(

  70. I live in Viet Nam, I used to try it and I really love this soft but it is too expensive for me. I hope I can win but I never win this kind of game so I only can say congratulation to the winner.

  71. 因为我喜欢赋予短信器

  72. If I had had sms viewer when I found out by a text message that my husband was cheating it at least would have looked nicer! lol

  73. I NEED this app so I can differentiate my texts from male & females. My bf confided in me that she was having an affair with a guy from our work well her hubby txt me asking where my bf was and I mistakingly told him she was getting brewed by the new guy thinking Tracey, her hubby was my other coworker! I need this application!b4 I get into more trouble!

  74. a great way seperate my sms from everyone elses. different colors, fonts, smileys. best part my sms will look better than all my friends!!!

  75. great app…i hope to win!!

  76. great app! i’d like to win this one!

  77. I wish to commend the developer of empower sms viewer. The application is very valuable and useful.thanks for such a wonderful application

  78. Excitement finally comes to Blackberry! The screenshots have me drooling for this? Can I have one please? Pretty please?

  79. I work for State Government and sent a reoccuring meeting request to a group of people. One of the people in the group has a last name very similar to someone in another agency. I added the wrong person to the invite and the meeting was put on her calendar. She notified me that she had no idea why she was included in the meeting. I apoligized and asked her to just delete the meeting series and that should remove it from her calendar. Apparently she did know how to do this correctly because every month I get an email from her that she is still getting the message. So now I’m constantly annoyed with someone complaining about my messages. No matter how hard I try to explain how to remove it she just doesn’t get it.

  80. I really deserve this app. I text my wife all day long and it’s the only time we get to talk. This app would make it look so much nicer when she’s texting me how i am wrong about things and how lazy I am.

  81. LOL how funny this comes out AFTER I already mistakenly BB’d one of friends. I thought I was bb-ing my friend, but instead accidently bb’d one of our friends. And of course it was me talking about about that person. Luckily I was able to play it off. But this program would help me not bb the wrong person.

  82. I think I deserve this app because I am ALWAYS sending the wrong text to the wrong person. I use around 7,000 text a month…so mutiple messages r coming to my phone at the same time…being able to see a threaded list of messages will help me with my mistakes 😉

  83. I have always though that one of the things should improve is the SMS applicattion. For example, I cann’t understand that you cann’t are your contact picture with it. I hope this great software does it!

  84. Never understood the whole threaded SMS stuff 0_o, but what the hell…ill try it, if I win :)

  85. Five words for this contest: I Am Un Em Ployed! For the love of my Storm, I beg you!

  86. I deserve the a free copy of Empower SMS Viewer, because this is I jus got my first blackberry ever! And have converted numerous friends over to the berry family! My goal is to eventually have almost everybody (except the annoying iphone fanboys) use blackberries! Also, i am madly passionate about my berry and have no qualms giving my berry anything it needs! including a lil bit of love.

  87. when will the winners be posted??? cause its tuesday and u said monday at midnight :)

  88. The contest was over Monday at midnight winners will be announced later this week.

  89. I deserve it.
    Because i’m a male nurse..

  90. I would love this!

  91. I’d like a copy. :)


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