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Giveaway: Fancy Characters Adds Fun UTF Symbols – 200 Free Copies

9530-02_2 BBTran has released another useful application called Fancy Characters. A few months back there was a whole craze about adding UTF and other BlackBerry characters that were not included in the symbols menu. Users were pretty fond of adding them to their BlackBerry Messenger usernames.

Now with Fancy Characters you can easily access many of these UTF symbols using a simple menu and inserting them in email and anything else you can think of.

Giveaway details: The first 200 lucky readers who head to this link and use coupon code BRVFANCY will get a free copy! Don’t forget to thank BBTran for the giveaway!

In case you don’t win a copy you can pick one up on the cheap for 99 cents at this link!

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  1. thanks BBTran and Berryreview!!

  2. Thank you BBTRAN and BERRYREVIEW!!

  3. Thanks for the app!! This is a great site!!

  4. Thank you BBTRAN and BERRYREVIEW!!

  5. Thanks BBTRAN and Berryreview!!

  6. Thank you BBTRAN and Berryreview I got a free copy!!! Yay!!

  7. Thank you all for the interest to my app 😉
    And don’t forget to read FAQ on a product page:

    Q: It inserts ‘?’ instead of characters to the SMS
    A: Go to options-sms and change encoding from 7bit to SC2. Unless you’re on CDMA version. CDMA SMS is very limited and does not support unicode unfortunately though email/pin and other will work.

  8. Thanks again BerryReview!! and BBtran

  9. btw, the BBTran Pro is also discounted 50% ($2.99) till end of this week.
    Don’t miss a chance to get Pro now

  10. Thank you, BBTran and BerryReview!

  11. Thanks, Got My Copy 🙂

  12. Got mine and will play with it. Thanks BBTran and BerryReview! Love these contests!

  13. Thanks BBTran

  14. Much appreciated!

    Can’t wait to start using it.

  15. thanks alot for the program.

  16. Oh man I missed it…that sucks. I check this website everyday like 10x and the first time I take a morning off I miss a freebee I’d love to have….dangit. If anyone has a promo code hit me up at [email protected]

  17. Wow crap there all gone! I miss again. For all other 150 ppl that got it and didn’t say thank you, Well on my behalf thanks berryreview and BBtran. THANKS.

  18. T__________T
    thx u BBTran but i cant get it This promotion code has been already used.

  19. Just picked up the free voucher from BBtran’s Blog… Thx demon_xxi for the heads up!

    MANY THANKS to BBtrans & BR”giveaway”!!

  20. Wow, used up already 🙁

  21. It’s nice. I want one.

  22. thanks BBTran and Berryreview!!

  23. Thanks for the 411 about getting the program & thanks to Berry Review for telling everyone about it (I’m addicted to all your reviews!) & BB Tran for such a cool program!

  24. yes!! thank BBtran & berryreview. great job…:D

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