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ActionPad – Encrypt Your Memos & More

actionpad2 S4BB let me know that they have released ActionPad for BlackBerry. This app promises to improve on the memo system on your BlackBerry while still integrating with it. The most interesting feature is the ability to encrypt and password protect your memos.

I just hope they have managed to find a way around the previous issues with password protecting and encrypting memos. Other apps let you do this but if somebody opened up the memo on their PC or through the regular memo app and changed one character in the encrypted output then it would make the information irretrievable.

Check it out in the store for $7.99 until Sep 11th after which it goes up to $9.99.

Features included:

  • Title & Content Search: Simply start typing and all memos in the current category are searched. The list below is filtered according to the keyword entered in the search field.
  • 1-Click Category Switch: By selecting the category field and hitting space, a quick rotation over all categories is performed. This allows the fastest way possible to view memos and switch categories with just one click! With just 2 trackball clicks it is possible to jump directly to a particular directory. This saves tremendous amount of time compared to the filter setup that needs to be done with original BlackBerry® MemoPad™ application.
  • Hotkeys: With just one keystroke it is possible to navigate within the memo list, e.g. jump to the top and bottom of the list. Furthermore, creating, editing and deleting memos can be performed with pre-defined hotkeys which increase productivity dramatically.
  • Share Memos: No matter if by SMS or Email, every memo can be sent to any contact in the BlackBerry® Address Book.
  • Memo Encryption: Protecting content is very crucial for a note taking application. ActionPad provides the highest level in security standards that is available. By using AES encryption with a 128 bit key and an MD5 digest your memo data is as secure as the U.S. government”s most confidential data. Quote: "AES is the first publicly accessible and open cipher approved by the NSA for top secret information." (Source Wikipedia")
  • BlackBerry® Integration: Powerful integration into native BlackBerry® applications is crucial for any application that has the goal of boosting the user”s productivity. With the easy to use "Paste to ActionPad" the normal copy/paste behavior is extended to conveniently paste the clipboard content into a new memo within ActionPad. "Send to ActionPad" integrates into native BlackBerry® applications with direct mapping of their content. Therefore, it is possible to convert an Address Book contact, Calendar event, Browser URL, task, SMS text, MMS, PIN and email messages to a new ActionPad memo with just one click.
  • Desktop Synchronization: Utilizing the internal BlackBerry® infrastructure, memos can be synchronized with any supported desktop memo management system. Transparent synchronization is supported with programs such as Microsoft® Outlook®, Entourage®, Entourage® 2008; Apple: OS X Mail Notes™, Stickies Notes™, PocketMac SecureNotes, and more. All memos can be synchronized with the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager, MissingSync or PocketMac.
  • Enterprise Synchronization: The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server (BES®) provides reliable and proven technology to integrate with enterprise groupware systems. The BES® currently supports Microsoft® Exchange®, Lotus Notes® and Novel Groupwise®. ActionPad memos can be wirelessly synchronized into such systems and they do then appear on your desktop system like Outlook®.
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  1. I highly recommend this app I have been using it throughout the beta versions and I love it. If you the type of person that makes a lot of notes or uses copy, cut & past you will like this all.

  2. Coupon code ACTIONPAD_BETA_50 gets you 50% off. Not sure when that expires.

  3. It works pretty well so far. The small fonts are nice for those with good eyesight and not enough screen real estate. I like fitting more data per screen. It’s also nice to limit my view of memos by category (although, built-in memopad can use search to limit view but it requires some key strokes).

    The encryption is nice but I wouldn’t dare use it. There is no mechanism to make sure your desktop client with which you sync does not munge the text. If you alter the text you cannot decrypt the memo. They should have some mechanism that prevents changes in encrypted memos. For now, I will continue to rely on for my encryiption needs as it also does so much more.

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