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YouMail Released Along With DropBox Support for VOIP Voicemails

9799 Nikolaus let me know a bit back that YouMail updated their Visual Voicemail Plus app from 0.96 to 0.96.1 which may not sound like much but they rarely update The homescreen is smaller and
fits better, and this version feels much snappier in playing and showing voicemails.

YouMail also recently opened up a new free service called DropBox. This lets you integrate you VOIP voicemails or any other voicemails that you can send YouMail in MP3 or WAV files. Your DropBox is [email protected] where your number is your 10 digit phone number.

Once you voicemails are in the DropBox they will show up in YouMail and you can access them from the BlackBerry app. Supposedly you will also get caller ID from the following services:

  • eVoice
  • Google Voice
  • ooma
  • magicJack
  • Packet 8 (8×8)
  • RingCentral
  • Vonage

You can find the updated version in the App World at this link.

NOTE: Every voicemail that goes to YouMail counts against your minutes. On Verizon, AT&T, & T-Mobile it just counts against your minutes but on Sprint I think you have to call them to enable conditional call forwarding and pay 20 cents per minute.

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  1. Gotta wonder why you would want to forward the stuff from Google Voice to YouMail, seeing as Google Voice gives you just about everything that YouMail does.

    BTW, re the NOTE at the bottom, it’s not just Voicemails, every time the call gets forwarded it counts as minutes. So even if the caller hangs up and does not leave a message, they will consider it a call. I learned this the hard way.

    T-Mobile myFaves and Verizon Friends & Family users might want to add the number to their favourite list.

  2. Now if googoel voice would create a dropbox so we can get the transcription for free, rather than paying for this feature from youmail.

  3. Here’s wishing VyMail was still being updated :(.

    • Amen to that!
      I still use VyMail because YouMail STILL has not added sound alerts to its BB app. What gives? It can’t be that hard. I have complained to them already a long time ago.

  4. Here’s hoping that either YouMail supplies a non-BB App World version (which isn’t happening anytime soon) or BB App World gets that bug fixed where a download gets stuck and there’s no way to erase it. I’ve looked all over the Internet trying to find a solution to the later and I’ve gotten nowhere. And of all the apps, it’s my YouMail app that’s stuck in the “Start Download” mode and I can’t delete it despite trying endless remedies. Oh well… 🙁


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