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RIM Using IP Address Scoring to Block BIS Spam

SpamA little over a year ago there was a huge spam email problem for all BIS email users. Spammers found a way to wildcard BIS email addresses to send you nonsense spam. After a few months RIM finally managed to get it under control but never announced how they were blocking spam on the BlackBerry BIS addresses. I always thought this would be a big problem for them since there is no spam box for them to send potential spam emails into. That means if they blocked a message you would never know it was ever sent to you…

In the recent BIS 2.8 documentation RIM details a little about their spam filter and this has to be the most I have ever heard them say about it.

The anti-spam system for the BlackBerry Internet Service uses a reputation scoring system for IP addresses to evaluate the relative reputation of IP addresses of incoming email messages. If the anti-spam system determines that the email message is a spam email message, the anti-spam system blocks the email message before it can reach BlackBerry Internet Service subscribers. For additional control of spam email messages, subscribers can create email message filters to file unwanted email messages or to prevent email messages from being delivered to their BlackBerry device.

Now I am curious. Has anybody ever not gotten a valid email due to RIM’s spam filter? I have never noticed any…

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  1. You don’t know what you don’t know.

    I use my BB to check emails during the day and then reconcile everything at home on my PC. I have noticed sometimes that I have an email or two at home that never showed up on my phone. How do you tell if it’s just the occasional email that gets lost and not a false positive that RIM has blocked.

    For that reason I never put the spam filters that I control on auto-delete. I always have the suspected spam put in a special folder so I can make the final decision as to rather the email is valid, not some piece of software.

  2. I’m I missing something here? You do have a spam inbox on your blackberry, goto your email,highlight it then hit your menu key and scroll down till you see view folder click on this and you should see inbox spam.

  3. They could be using IronPort systems to do the blocking. I’ve not had a false positive in years.

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