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Hack to Remove 2.3MB BlackBerry Browser Download Limit?

200u5b6Yes that screenshot on the right is a 600mb+ download of the Ubuntu ISO image. Andre let us know about a hack that Omie has posted that lets you bypass RIM’s arbitrary 2.3MB download limit in the BlackBerry Browser. I am not sure how many of you need to download huge files but I can see myself downloading larger MP3’s and such.

I tried the hack on a test device and it worked but I am not sure how comfortable I feel about putting it on my main device. The hack requires you to selectively restore an IPB file with a service book from China Mobile which deletes your email service books. You can easily get your email service books back but I honestly don’t know if this service book could allow somebody to snoop on web traffic. In truth there is probably very little risk but I am a bit paranoid and I don’t really need to download files from the Browser.

This hack adds the NET Browser to your list of possible browsers which you can then use to download any size files as long as you have space for them. Pretty cool right?

Check out the instructions on Omie’s website or follow the discussion on BBOS forums. Let us know if you try it and it works for you!

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  1. WOWSERS. That’s freakin awesome. I wonder if this allows you to stream large video and music files also. I’m definitely going to try this one out.

    thanks a TON

  2. HAHA Download a Ubuntu image! AWESOME! I’ve been using 9.10 since Alpha 2 and been really enjoying it.

  3. This procedure loads service books onto your device and blows away the ones you had before. I was left with no email services and can not push old email service books back. I would beware doing this if I were you.

  4. Or you could just simply download operamini 4.2…hmmm just a thought. I have had no problem downloading large files using Operamini. And no messing with service books and email issues 😉

  5. Do not do this it messed up my device where i was unable to send receive picture/media files… I had to master reset the device to get it working again….

    • Sounds like you didn’t do the step by step. I have do this and works great.I can send and receive files/pictures. This works so well I tried and dl a file over 7mb with no problem. If your email icons dissapear goto options/advance options/ HRT and register. If that doesn’t work resend your service books.

      • Agreed. I did the trick, my email accounts went away, but I just resent the service books and they all came back. No issue with send or receiving files/pictures either. The only odd thing is that I now have 5 browser options on AT&T Bold, Internet Browser, MEdia Net, Hotspot Browser, WAP Browser (which I guess is the reason for the extra one-non-ATT branded MEdiaNet), and NET Browser.
        I was able to DL large files and can’t really seem to find any ill effects of the change. Will report back if the sky falls.

  6. Yes I have internet browser/telus wap browser/net browser and this will self destruct in 5 seconds(kidding) just the 3, did anyone notice it is dling a lot faster about 97.7 kb a second?

  7. I couldn’t download the file. Can somebody post it for me?

    • Click above where it says(Check out the instructions on Omie’s website) then scroll down till omie says (Here) that’s the megaupload file.

  8. I went through the steps. Got the browser options
    But says entity too large when trying to download files.
    I’m on Bold through AT&T.

  9. For some reason I am able to download large files (at least 20mb) in my browser without even using this hack. I have a Bold on ATT. Was this limit removed for 3G devices?

  10. From China Mobile! No way in he11

    • @Stacy, dude, I totally agree. I’ve been to China 4 times and knowing what I know from their insiders, this is mostly likely a great way to have your blackberry snooped around on by the Communist Chinese…and I’m not being paranoid, just sincerely realistic.

      I appreciate Ronen Halevy posting this info as it’s interesting, but his “paranoia” should be noted as a real concern. That being said, I guess most ppl have absolutely nothing to hide from the Chinese commies…but I actually do.

  11. Here something that I just saw in my options…MMS when I dl it to my phone I have it but sadly it doesn’t work as telus has a block on it. Just wondering if I find a gateway IP to put in, will it work? Does anyone have some ideas? Thanks.

  12. After the Etilisat “patch” that was actually a trojan, there’s not a snowball’s chance no matter HOW well tested that I would do this to either of my BlackBerry smartphones.

    That said, RIM’s download file size limit is about the most stupid thing about the web browser. It seems like they fix one ancient decrepit “feature” of their OS and leave behind oh so many more. SIGH.

  13. I have a Bold running .297 on AT&T BIS. I followed the directions verbatim and even have a NET Browser, but trying to download large files results in the following error:

    The requested page was too large to deliver to the device

    Any ideas?

  14. Working Awesome for me too

  15. Hi dears;
    I already tested this fileand remove all my e-mails account and Net services never show in menu and download limit is there.
    I am using BB 9530

  16. Hi,
    Does anyone have any idea on how to remove the 32KB limitation of the mail (messages) attachments for blackberry? it seems redicilus these days to have such a limited size of attachments while normal mail providers support up to 20 MB sized attachments.

    Thanks in advance,

  17. You have to change it under General properties aswell then it will work perfectly!

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