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AddresSave: Automatically Saves Senders Email in Address Book

addressave I am kind of intrigued about Fabian’s latest creation. He just told me about AddresSave which saves the email address and name of incoming senders to your address book. The problem is that this would SERIOUSLY clutter my address book that already is full of people I barely remember…

I really like the idea that every email received on your BlackBerry will then auto-complete when you type it but I am hesitant about the implementation. I really wish there was a way to let them auto-complete but not include them in the regular address book. Or as an alternative only save the email and name of people that you respond to… I know Outlook on my desktop does this pretty decently by remembering the email addresses of people I send email too even though they are not in my address book.

Still it sounds like a pretty interesting feature. I just worry that such an app would clutter my address book like Gmail does with every person I email a few times. Still it could be worth checking out for $1.49 on sale if you were looking for such a feature. After Sep 4 the price goes up to $2.99.

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  1. I did advise Fabian about prompting the user if s/he wants to save the address in the address book. Something like when I open the message to read, it should prompt the user, “Do you want to save the email address of the sender?” then its users choice if he wants to save it or not, that way the address book won’t clutter and also it would be an awesome app as a addon. But I truly like Fabian’s work and he is an awesome developer!

    Fabian it would be great if you can enhance on the lines I mentioned above. But thanks for the great app!

  2. Yeah fabian does an awesome job of responding to user feedback!

  3. This sound cool but I’m worried about doulbe email entry?

  4. @automan69

    Go to your Address Book -> Menu -> Options -> General Options -> Allow Dublicate Name: No – To not get dublicated entries in your Address Book.

    It works just like phonenumbers. No doublentries 🙂

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