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DM 5.0.1 Leaked

Looks like the leaks of new BlackBerry software were not over yet, today Brett let us know that the Blackberry ninja leaked the new version of Desktop Manager. This new Version 5.0 .1  brings some nice new options for BlackBerry users. At this moment the version available is the non media manager English only but on their blog it says that the Multilanguage with media manager will be posted soon.

ScreenHunter_02 Aug. 30 17.00

BlackberryOS had posted a screenshot a few days ago showing some new options, I have not been able to play with it and see what options are available on this leak.  You can pick up the file a this link on rapidshare. Hopefully a faster mirror link appears soon.

Update: Here is a faster link via megaupload thanks to

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  1. I just made an image for my work laptop with DM 5.0, now I gotta re do it. Thanks Windows 7 for making it easy.

  2. will i be able to run this DM with a 4.5 OS?

  3. What a fun loving weekend. Could not be better.

  4. “This new Version 5.0 .1 brings some nice new options for BlackBerry users.”
    Uhh, what exactly are these nice new options?

  5. Just another indication that OS 5.0 is right around the corner IMO….he he

  6. Well, Sprints #777 doesn’t work as the “Access Point:”
    Not that I need it, because I have a built in air in my XPS.

    • I don’t think the access point information is needed. I leave it blank and I was able to connect successfully.

    • Did a little playing around and realize that the access point was needed. #777 no longer works. Its replace by words. I have tried it out, and i must say the speed on my laptop is really good. no doubt..

  7. The DM seems to be a bit more stable the biggest thing I seen is that now you can tether you BLACKBERRY use it as a modem on your pc/laptop using the modem API with this new version I was able to connect my tmobile BLACKBERRY with my vista 64 bit and use the net. Really easy too as the settings come preset.

  8. I’ve only seen the IP modem option working for wifi enabled phones. Storm and Tour, the option disappeared.

  9. Works great tethering on my laptop using 4.5 on my 8320 and running Windows 7 on my laptop. I wonder how long it will be before T-Mobile charges for tethering.

  10. I’m only getting ip modem as a new option, no email setting, no synchronize certificates, why is that.

  11. I have the T-Mobile 8900 and the tethering option doesn’t work. I get an error in DM when trying to connect. I tried with UMA or with EDGE, but no difference. Anyone get this to work?

  12. Yeah am on tmo 8900 and got it to work easy using pc/vista 64 bit, and all I had to do was tell it what network I am using save the profile and click connect and it worked right away

    • I am on 32-bit XP SP3, but I don’t see what that should have to do with anything. I am running 8900 I get an error that says: “An error occurred connecting to the remote host. Please verify your configured connection settings and try again.” which is dumb because there is hardly any connections settings at all!

  13. Because nothing ever works correctly with vista 64. So I was surprise no errors. Will take a screen shot of how mine is set up.

  14. That sucks don’t know why do you have more than one pc u can test it on?

  15. Haha I was happy that for once vista didn’t give me a headache

  16. I don’t get why this tethering in this is such a hot deal? Downloading and installing the USB & Modem Drivers from this has been available for a couple years now. What am I missing that’s new and different now, just that it comes WITH Desktop Manager now??? I’ve been “tethering” my various BlackBerry going back several models now.

  17. Have you found a way to make this work for sprint?? thanks in advance

  18. I don’t have sprint but Maybe some one else has

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