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Bold OS Found Online!

The leaks have just been pouring in recently! LOu let us know that OS for the Bold has just made its way onto MegaUpload at this link:

Download @ Megaupload

Keep in mind this is a Beta OS!!! Let us know what you find in the comments!

Note: Do this upgrade at your own risk because it may render your device unusable if you are not familiar with OS upgrades, this is a Beta OS and not an official release.

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  1. I hope this is better than the official ATT release. 282 was the best one I’ve tested. Ever since I upgraded to the official ATT release last week my battery life has been horrible. I’ll give this a shot.

    • Good luck buddy, I’m getting really tired of all of these updates…can’t they just make one version and make it work right for heavens sake? gosh…

  2. Well this is all a bit of a shame. I’m on Orange UK and I’ve updated to this OS and immediately, my phone had discovered an extra 10mb of application memory which is fantastic.
    However on the other hand, my battery has wiped out in less than 5hrs (previous was 12hrs) and I get almost constant hour glass now (which I find strange considering the newly found extra 10mb).
    Also, despite this extra 10mb, the rate at which it leaks is very fast. With my last OS .219 (I think), I could go 3days without a battery pull. At the rate this one is going, I think it will be hrs not days.

    I appreciate this is a beta and therefore not necessarily the end product however I have owned my Bold since last September. One year on and we still can’t get a decent OS? I’m constantly trying to find reasons why I should get another Blackberry and which one it should be when my contract renewal is up next week.
    I have high hopes for Blackberry but as things stand, I see it being a year before they get it right – i.e. a competent OS with features to match other smartphones and a browser with acceptable performance. First signs of OS 5.0 don’t look that bigger step on from where we are now. Sure there are some cool features but until the key functions like the browser are addressed, what it is the point?

    • Since version .216, battery improvement has significantly improved up to the optimum .247. Since ver .282 and after that, battery life has declined again in the following situations:
      If you perform a battery pull in the morning or afternoon, read your phone’s memory card through the computer or take out your phone’s memory card.
      For some reason, the phone gets really hot and the battery dies like you just mentioned in no time at all.
      Solution: every night, restart your phone (battery pull or using the alt, shift, del buttons), charge your phone using the charger that came with it through a regular power socket (not a USB from a computer) and put your phone in bedside mode (alarm function, you don’t have to activate your alarm)
      If you do that, your battery life goes on just as good as the older versions.
      Avoid restarting your phone during the day after installing new programs or after deleting ones as that will make your battery life short again.
      I know it sounds sick to do all that but that’s one way to work around a flawed OS (sorry RIM)
      Hope that helps.
      P.S.: The new ATT official OS release is the best for streaming video without over heating…just discovered that yesterday…

    • Hi “spcurtis81”, I have the BBy Curve 8320 on Orange UK, and am due for upgrade from end October 2009. I was thinking about the Curve 8900, Bold 9000, or the Onyx. What are your comments, as I believe the Onyx is coming to Orange UK in November 2009?

      Gr8 site, thanks for an interesting post.

      Neil. 🙂

      • Hi Neil,

        Its hard to say in my opinion as the phones are probably great. They do seem to be let down by the os as per my comments above. However that may be to do with how hard you push it. Have many apps running at one time including various chat programs, viigo, twitter, facebook etc. All these probably cause a lot of the issues I experience however different OS verions give varying performances.

        I don’t know much about the Onyx however my sister recently got an 8900 and I was pretty impressed. I haven’t compared specs but it seemed to run a lot smoother than my bold while she was still running many of the apps I was. I didn’t use it long enough to notice any difference in processor speeds though.

        Sorry this is not very informative. These are some of my experiences though.


  3. You really ought to try OS, I have been with the Bold for just over a year which started life as and I have installed every beta then official release.

    I have found the latest beta a real advance, admitted it doesnt run facebook or some of the othe social chat things but I didnt but the Bold for that in the first place.

    The browser speed with is extremely fast and with threaded SMS plus other improvements it rocks for me.

    We all require something different from our phones and it is personal taste I guess that wins in the end.

    Just my view…….

  4. anyone can help – i just download the new os and try to install to my bb…i have delete the vendor but it doesnt work as usual..i tried to use app loader but samething…pls help me thanks in advance

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