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Hot: OS v5.0.0.191 for BlackBerry Tour

UPDATE: Sorry guys. RIM’s legal counsel, Jordan Vaeth, seems to be a avid reader of BerryReview and keeps on sending in these takedown notices as you can see below. Guess RIM has nothing better to do… Though truthfully this OS was reported as causing a few issues.

Attention: ABUSE

Re:       Notice of Copyright Infringement and Misappropriation of Trade Secret – Request for Immediate Take-down
Research In Motion Limited (“RIM”) is writing to notify you that RIM software, which appears to be on servers under your control, is infringing RIM’s copyright and constitutes an unauthorized disclosure of RIM’s trade secrets.  We are placing you on notice that:
1.         The copyright infringement in question is the unauthorized display and reproduction of the RIM strictly confidential operating system posted on (the “Infringing Material”).  Disclosure of RIM’s confidential and proprietary trade secret information threatens to cause RIM irreparable harm.

RIM has not licensed, authorized, consented to, or otherwise permitted anyone to post the content contained in the Infringing Material.  Accordingly, we request that you immediately remove and/or disable all access to the Infringing Material and provide confirmation of the same. The use of the Infringing Material is not approved, sanctioned or endorsed by RIM, and threatens to cause RIM irreparable harm.

2.        The Infringing Material can be found at the following locations:

Please remove any and all other instances of the Infringing Material from the website.   Please also restrict any future hosting or display of this software on this website.

3.         I have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted software and trade secrets described above is not authorized by the copyright or trade secret owner, its agent, or the law.

4.         I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in this notification is accurate and that I am authorized to act on behalf of RIM, the owner of the trade secrets and copyright in the above-designated software that is posted and available for download on your site.

5.         My electronic signature is:


Yours truly,

Jordan R. Vaeth

Commercial Counsel

Research In Motion Limited

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  1. WOW. DLing. I never heard of removing RIM internal apps from your computer before installing on your device)? what does this mean? can some explain it. Thanks

    • The rim internal apps is a system set up so testers can send feedback to RIM but by going to control pannel and looking for that part of the software you can remove it is a separate set of tools that gets loaded to your device if not remove. You can also disable it from your device but its easier to just remove it from pc before upgrading the OS. Hope that makes sense. Not all leaks come with it but some do.

    • I have the same problem. I also did a battery pull, but it is still flashing on and off. I can’t even do a reset or connect with BSAK. How do I bring it back to life?

  2. Was just sitting here bored and nuttin to do. Lo and behold, its time for some experiment…

  3. @automan69 I would use BSAK and use the wipe device option to where it gives you a white screen with an error and then try to reload the OS. That should fix it for you. It should also let you reload the previous OS, if you are going to go back to 4.7 un-install the 5.0 from your PC and re-install 4.7 that way your system is clean and DM doesn’t have any problem detecting it.

    • Thanks again Luis I had to go back to 4.7. It didn’t work for me. I lost all apps but not a big deal. Just sending my service books again.
      One quick question is on BSAK how do you backup your Apps I hit the backup button and it shows me a list of all apps. Where does it store it on cp? Is there something I missed. It doesn’t tell you the location it is stored.

  4. Yeah it should store it on c:/program files/bsak/backup folder

  5. I had installed 5.190 on my Curve 8900 by doing a complete wipe using BSAK. 5.190 works like charm, its more stable than the earlier versions, its supports both Yahoo.Mesg. & Gtalk which were not supported by earlier, even I see Battery life have imProved.. Worth upgrading.. Go for IT..

  6. I currently backing up my 3rd party apps with BSAK. Then ill try and install the new OS without the internal apps. Im actually going to use the OS that doesn’t include them, i hope thats not the one that is giving some individuals trouble

    • Good luck…I have tried both with no luck. Let us know if you got it to install and what you did. Thanks. Oh I think BSAK is a pain in the azz because you have to install the cod,s One at a time.

      • Id rather not jinx it but it seems to be running smoothly as of right now. What gets me is that my service provider is Verizon of course, however, the service symbol shows 3G.

        Anywho, I’ll report back any problems that occur. Sorry to hear that you havent got it running yet. Hopefully in time you can.

      • you don’t have to install the .cods one at a time either run DM or app loader it self and theres an actual .axl file that will list each application so you can select which apps you want to restore, the .cod install option is only available for those cases when you don’t have an .axl file but Bsak actually creates one when your doing the backup.

        • Ok so i noticed there was not a BBM included with this OS so i found it on this site to download OTA. I downloaded it and it shows that i downloaded however i cant find the icon. Do you know what went wrong there?

        • Oops my bad. I forgot about running DM to install the cod. Thanks Luis. I have done loads of Os upgrades and this one is throwing me for a loop. Would it be that my tour is unlocked???

          Here is my step by step: DL and installed (both with or with out), but did one at a time. What I mean is I tried the first one then uninstalled it. then tried the other one. Which leads to step:2 doing it twice. Step:2 wipe for bb with BASK and then loaded the OS.

          I had a pop up window saying something like….some data was lost in the download goto C\Docs and setting\Compag_owner\Mydocs

          But here is the kicker I had blank black screen and the LED was flashing slowly. Nothing would happen, My bb would not reboot.
          I have never seen this before. All the time when I did a Os upgrade it went smooth and easy. So anyone have any ideas what I did wrong??? Maybe I will wait till it is an offical for my carrier.

          • it might have to do something with whatever version you installed but it should not matter whether it is unlock or not. It maybe have just been some kind of other error that I can’t really think off right at the momment.

  7. Installed it this morning. So far it’s been running great! It’s definitely faster and I love the threaded SMS. The only issue I’ve had so far is with Visual Voicemail. I had to install it from my backed up cods. Google Maps (with GPS), SmrtGuard, SocialScope, Opera Mini, Autostandby, BerryWeather, Evernote, LastPass, TetherBerry, and a few others all seem to be working without a problem thus far.

    • Josh. Can you please let us know step by step what you did. I’ve done OS upgrades before but after reading a few comments, i chickened out! Which version did you download (with internal apps or W/O internal apps)? Did this solve the GPS problem with Google Maps on the Tour? Much thanks!

      • I started with a clean slate. I used the W/O internal apps installer. I backed up my BB with the DM and BBSAK. I then used BBSAK to wipe my BB. I then loaded the OS from the load button in BBSAK. It was smooth sailing from there. I reloaded all apps by redownloading them from the net with the exception of Autostandby (because I purchased it through BB App World) and Visual Voicemail (it was giving me a proxy error, but seems to work fine from my backed-up cod.) That’s it! To get GPS working I just went into Options->Advanced Options->GPS and turned GPS Services to Location On. 7 hours later and I’m still extremely pleased!

  8. I am having problems with yahoo mess, facebook not being able to reload and an error message when I plug in the usb cable that the power source is insufficent. Anyone have insight they can share.

  9. One think I forgot to mention is do we have to delete the vendor.xml file.
    This is something I didn’t do. OLD AGE you know.
    @ Josh did you delete the vendor.xml file.

  10. My findings:
    I installed the new OS and ran pretty well including having many nice new features, however, MANY are having problems with the new 5.0 BBM showing up. Some can get it to show up but others cannot. I was among the ones who couldnt get it to work. The OS is cool to play around with but I ended up just reverting back to 4.7. Ill wait until something official

  11. It is a nice OS, cannot charge while running the OS is no good. BBM 5.0 isn’t working that was fine. The charging portion was the main switch back to 4.7

  12. Failure….bricked my berry. Was able to recover it back to the 4.7 OS. during the process of reconnecting I got some cryptic error about can not connect to multiplatform blah blah blah.

    Tried it multiple times with same error.

  13. Well I have tried everything. Installed both versions, with and without the RIM apps, and big fat brick both times. I really wanted threaded sms and i’m a little annoyed that I cant get it to work and no one seems to be able to explain why. Back on the official release, guess Im going to have to fire up my storm.

  14. Boom chica laka chica boom!

  15. Does anyone have BB Tour OS v5.0.0.191 file they can email me????

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