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BabyGo! Keep the young’uns quiet… for a short time anyway.

Have you ever found yourself out to dinner with the kids and find you have forgotten to bring the endless number of distractions that keeps the little ones quiet for a few hours ? Fear no more. BabyGo! to the rescue.


From their site:

Baby GO! is a free app for every parent who has watched their 0-2 year old grab for the BlackBerry. Launch the application and give it to your child. As they press keys, the screen reacts with relative audio and visuals. Press “A” and a letter block image of “A” appears followed by the sound of a voice saying the letter “A”.While we can’t guarantee your child won’t throw your BlackBerry on the floor or put it in their mouth, you don’t have to worry about accidental emails or phone calls. All keys are intercepted so you are protected.

Baby GO! is unique because it focuses on the very young child, 0-2 years old as its target market. It’s fun and helps them learn their ABCs. Education is always a concern with parents and Baby GO! is the first in a line of early childhood education type applications we are planning to bring to market. An enhanced version of Baby GO! is coming soon, we call it KidGO! and will be much more interactive and include content theme packs, support for other languages and other fun brain-type games.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Our goal is to increase awareness of ZeebuMobile and Baby GO! as quickly as possible. Baby GO! has been submitted to AppWorld and Mobihand and we expect it to be available by the end of this week. In the meantime, users can learn more about Baby GO!, watch a video demonstration ( and download the free application from our website,

From your BB Browser:

From your Storm Browser:

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  1. You have to submit your email to get the dl. No thanks.

  2. Who the hell is going to give a $500 phone to a 0-2yr old?! Li’l snot’ll be in a piss and a hard place before you can say Asurion. What idiot crocked this crap in his crapper. Free or not, this one’s for the idiots.

  3. Obviously you don’t have kids. I think this is great!!! My son plays with my wife’s curve everytime we’re out to dinner. He likes the brickbreaker. I think he’s really going to like this…

  4. As a Canadian living in the US, I LOVE that they have an option for “Say ‘zed’ instead of ‘z'”

  5. Anyone else having the audio cut off for every letter? I have an 8330 Curve running OS 4.5

    • Hi ShvartzBerry. I’m sorry Baby GO! doesn’t seem to
      be working for you right now. We put Baby GO! through a rigorous set
      of tests but as you can imagine, the combinations of BlackBerry
      devices and various operating systems makes it almost impossible to
      cover every scenario.

      I have been alerted to a few instances of the BB 8330 having audio issues. We’re looking into it and will update you as soon as possible.

      Thanks again for downloading BabyGO!.

      Zeebu Mobile

  6. I have the vzw 8330 it’s now running and sounding great, thanks to feedback that I provided to Zeebu and the almost instead personal reply and link for the update.
    And YES I let my two girls (3 & 4) use my BabyGO! and we have a awesome time together, playing, spelling, laughing!

    Thanks Zeebu

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