Applisting. Free 3rd Party application listing feature.

For all you hard core BlackBerry users out there who tend to download every application that comes your way then this one is for you. (Yep, yet another application for you to download 🙂 ).

Toysoft is happy to release AppListing.

AppListing is a freeware application that lists all the 3rd party applications on your device. In addition it reports the device name, available memory, export the list to a text file on the sd card or email the list.

You can pick up this application at the below link:
OTA link

(Tip via TFrankson from our Tips link. Thanks Again)

Example list from my device:

Device: 9000
OS Version:
Platform Version:
RAM Allocated: 17013820 16615k
RAM Free: 9976592 9742k
Flash Total: 93323264 91136k
Flash Allocated: 101980628 99590k
Flash Free: 34938768 34119k
Code Modules: 24575 23k

Total files: 110

Full  list after the Jump:

  • AppListing;Toysoft, Inc.;List all the 3rd party apps on the device;0.5;15508
  • BBForumsLauncher;BlackBerry Forums – Asia Pacfic;Shortcut to BlackBerry Forums – Asia Pacific;1.0;6992
  • BBForumsLauncherMobile;Blackberry Forums – Asia Pacific;Shortcut to BlackBerry Forums Mobile Website;1.0;7032
  • BBProfiles;WCS, Inc.;Profile Scheduler;1.3;122336
  • berrybuzz;Bellshare GmbH;Extend your Blackberry alert profiles.;2.0.64;79992
  • BerryReview_ShortCut;Fabian Heuwieser for;Launch the BerryReview Website from your BlackBerry;1.1.3;10356
  • com_bb_mds_default_launcher;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;1328
  • databackup;S4BB Limited;A product by S4BB Limited.;0.0.1;39240
  • e$2dMobileTaskPro;e-Mobile Software, Inc.;Task management on the GO!;2.0;105040
  • GoogleMaps;Google;;3.0.2;713388
  • Klondike_v46_480x320;Magmic Games;Arrange the cards in alternate-colored suits from King to Ace, then score points and win by re-sorting from Ace to king in suited piles.^01247548126349354612834723984597;1.4.8;363544
  • LocationProfiler;Toysoft, Inc.;Automatically change System Profile when you are in a different cell site location;1.1;82864
  • MessageScheduler;Zaventh Ventures LLC;Schedule emails and PIN messages to be sent at a future date directly from your device!;1.0.3;7376
  • mScorecard;Velocor;The ultimate golf scorecard, statistics and GPS software;5.2;108960
  • net_rim_app_manager;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;2080
  • net_rim_app_manager_console;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;5368
  • net_rim_bb_activation;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;59596
  • net_rim_bb_addressbook_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;178016
  • net_rim_bb_addressbook_groupaddress;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;21216
  • net_rim_bb_addressbook_simapp;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;95132
  • net_rim_bb_alarm_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;14492
  • net_rim_bb_app_center;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;117028
  • net_rim_bb_application_permissions_proxy;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;3940
  • net_rim_bb_browser_daemon;Research In Motion Ltd.;Provides the ability to browse pages on the Internet.;;343288
  • net_rim_bb_calendar_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;Calendar;;117332
  • net_rim_bb_camera;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;164748
  • net_rim_bb_captiveportalicon;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;10884
  • net_rim_bb_clock;Research In Motion Ltd.;Clock;;98136
  • net_rim_bb_clock_faces_480;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;310692
  • net_rim_bb_device_selftest;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;130112
  • net_rim_bb_diagnostic;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;43476
  • net_rim_bb_diagnostics_ui;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;18100
  • net_rim_bb_dnslookup_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;10460
  • net_rim_bb_elt;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;16536
  • net_rim_bb_file_explorer;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;303948
  • net_rim_bb_fileindexservice;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;18828
  • net_rim_bb_games_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;60388
  • net_rim_bb_globalsearch_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;Global Search Application;;16284
  • net_rim_bb_gps_ee;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;16460
  • net_rim_bb_help;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;24048
  • net_rim_bb_implus_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;27948
  • net_rim_bb_ldap_browser_pgp;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;9324
  • net_rim_bb_ldap_browser_x509;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;12160
  • net_rim_bb_manage_connections;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;24388
  • net_rim_bb_mc_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;11328
  • net_rim_bb_mediacontenthandler;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;7828
  • net_rim_bb_medialibraryplayer;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;10592
  • net_rim_bb_memo_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;21956
  • net_rim_bb_messaging_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;23808
  • net_rim_bb_options_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;279052
  • net_rim_bb_otasl_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;Wireless Software Upgrade Control App;;15284
  • net_rim_bb_otaupgrade;Research In Motion Ltd.;Wireless Software Upgrade;;162708
  • net_rim_bb_password_wizard;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;4544
  • net_rim_bb_passwordkeeper;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;30308
  • net_rim_bb_phone_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;116640
  • net_rim_bb_phone_entry;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;2900
  • net_rim_bb_ping_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;15636
  • net_rim_bb_preloaded_media_crawler;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;4588
  • net_rim_bb_profiles_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;7076
  • net_rim_bb_profiles_tunes;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;18388
  • net_rim_bb_qm_google;Research In Motion Ltd.;;2.1.48;448116
  • net_rim_bb_qm_peer;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;1130968
  • net_rim_bb_remindermanager;Research In Motion Ltd.;Reminders;;20212
  • net_rim_bb_ribbon_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;250316
  • net_rim_bb_ribbon_lib;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;26724
  • net_rim_bb_rich_email;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;38336
  • net_rim_bb_safe_mode;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;4476
  • net_rim_bb_securitymonitor;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;6700
  • net_rim_bb_setupwizard_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;76872
  • net_rim_bb_sitesurvey;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;16132
  • net_rim_bb_smime;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;1832
  • net_rim_bb_standardcalculator_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;15484
  • net_rim_bb_supl_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;51900
  • net_rim_bb_task_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;50520
  • net_rim_bb_trust_application_manager;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;3132
  • net_rim_bb_videorecorder;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;32784
  • net_rim_bb_voicenotesrecorder;Research In Motion Ltd.;Record a voice note.;;108252
  • net_rim_bis_client;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;194744
  • net_rim_cellbroadcast;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;11668
  • net_rim_cldc_io_rim_impl;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;81536
  • net_rim_device_apps_internal_browser_smil;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;7336
  • net_rim_DoDRootCerts;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;58892
  • net_rim_escreen_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;9520
  • net_rim_event_log_viewer_app;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;13544
  • net_rim_mds_runtime;Research In Motion Ltd.;BlackBerry MDS Runtime;;2068
  • net_rim_mds_runtime_resource;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;1892
  • net_rim_mds_runtime_resource__en;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;7776
  • net_rim_mds_runtime_resource__fr;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;8976
  • net_rim_MIDPRootCerts;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;34708
  • net_rim_phone_tty_enabler;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;1820
  • net_rim_platform_resource;Research In Motion Ltd.;Contains localized resources for the RIM runtime libraries.;;12068
  • net_rim_platform_resource__en;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;23724
  • net_rim_platform_resource__en_GB;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;2304
  • net_rim_platform_resource__en_US;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;2116
  • net_rim_platform_resource__fr;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;24228
  • net_rim_se13nettable;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;49492
  • net_rim_services_impl;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;33400
  • net_rim_tid_dynamic_transcoding_data_CP1250;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;2432
  • net_rim_vad;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;36908
  • net_rim_wlan_wizard;Research In Motion Ltd.;;;134664
  • nineholegolf;OmniGSoft;;1.0;1187308
  • par3golf;RESETgame;Golf game;2.0;501348
  • par72golf2;RESETgame;Golf game;2.06;357844
  • SheetToGo;DataViz, Inc.;View and edit native Microsoft Excel files and attachments;1.001.145;286696
  • SlideshowToGo;DataViz, Inc.;View and edit native Microsoft PowerPoint files and attachments;1.001.145;479452
  • SmsScheduler;Intellibits;Write SMS messages in advance and schedule their future delivery;1.0.2;22400
  • SnapScreen;Virtual Views;Screen Shot Application;1.2.3;51660
  • SocialScope;Ubiquitous Systems;;;805292
  • WordPress;Automattic – Danais;WordPress for BlackBerry mobile app;;335456
  • WordToGo;DataViz, Inc.;View and edit native Microsoft Word files and attachments;1.001.145;476276
  • Works on OS4.2 and higher.

For Storm users you need to disable compatibility mode in the Options app.

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