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I made an attempt to have a look around inside the new MyBlackBerry site and find out more before I wrote this article. But being not from North America, it timed out on me on the sign up process after just 30 seconds so seems limited to just the North American area. (Even though I lied in the sign up 🙂 ).

Anyway, I will leave it up to you guys and girls to let us know in the comments section below what it’s like and what features are available. (Or is it as limp as the BlackBerry Owners Lounge).

Anyway, you can check it out at :

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  1. Won’t be trying this til later, but for your access issue, have you tried going through a US proxy? Probably too much hassle though. I too would like to know from people who have signed up

  2. I am getting so many errors filling out the same registration form! I choose my device, and it kicks me back. I choose my country, and it kicks, me back, and now my browser only shows a big error message. They need to code their webpages correctly for flips sake!!

  3. For those of you having issues:
    Go down and do your carrier, device type, etc (all of the drop downs) then go up and fill out the information such as username and email address.
    You should then be able to get through without the time out error messages.

  4. Ahh cool. It’s not just me then. I’m getting the same time out problems as you guys.
    Looks like we may have to wait a bit longer…
    Kind Regards… and thanks for the feedback.
    Greg Myers

  5. I did it in both my browser by going to tools, compatibility view (check that), and then proceed. No issues at all from my Bold…

  6. I cant register either, I’m in the UK.

    How annoying!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The registration link is throwing a Seam Error…

  8. Yet again, RIM has no regard for anyone outside of the North American continent. #FAIL #FAIL

  9. what the [email protected] is so great about this? i’ve already got booksmarks to, appworld, email-calendar-contacts… is BB trying to reinvent a special gmail-yahoo-msn?

  10. You would think that they would have made that site a little more Blackberry friendly! The pages are huge and take forever to load. I was able to register but it took at least 4 attempts before it went thru. I won’t be returning there anytime soon.

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