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Update: Visual Voicemail for AT&T BlackBerry users

We just got a tip that while the upgraded BlackBerry Bold OS for AT&T won’t be released until tommorrow, the feature code for Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry handsets is in the system.

You know what that means, right? If you’re running a Bold OS that has the Visual Voicemail icon on it, you can call up your friendly AT&T customer service rep, ask them to add the Visual Voicemail feature to your account, and you should be good to go.

(Courtesy: KP via our tips section. Thanks for the tip KP)

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  1. Any additional charge?

  2. follow up…

    Called CS at ATT and they said all there is in the system is ENHANCED VOICEMAIL..which has a cost of 1.99 per month

    She could not find visual voicemail code in the system…

  3. The feature code for this is in the at&t system as BBVV.

  4. Yep, just tell them the code BBVV and they’ll set it up for ya.

  5. Boom! BBVV worked like a charm. CS was unable to add it, but technical support was able to.

    Setting it up now.!

  6. UPDATE!!

    About 5 minutes later, ATT called, and said “VVM is not available for your phone right now”….They completely screwed me…I now don’t have regular VM or VVM….


    • You do have a Bold, right? This is Bold only, so far.
      I had my VVM provisioned this morning with no issues, as opposed to last Friday when I tried and they never heard of VVm for Bold.
      Call back again, from a different phone, stay on the line as the rep provisions you. If it doesn’t work, call again.

  7. I called today, and told them I have two questions:
    1. “Is it free for my Bold?” Answer: Yes.
    2. “Can you turn it on; I have the Visual Voicemail icon already”. Answer: Yes.

    And it works great. Just like my wife’s iPhone’s visual voicemail.

    Tomorrow, I will download the new version of the OS, I guess. But I had VV today (on the 24th).

  8. I didn’t even have to call AT&T Customer Service: I just went to the “Manage Your Account” page, clicked on to add features and Visual VoiceMail was a selection that was there. Cost is listed as N/C. The page explained that if you didn’t already have the VVM icon you would have to download the update – but all I had to do was power cycle my Bold and go through the VVM setup on the phone – and it worked!

  9. Oh – don’t forget that you HAVE to re-setup your AT&T voice mailbox before it will work correctly. I am currently running FW .282 as the new FW release hasn’t shown up yet – and everything works great! Some are suggesting that you will have to downgrade 10 .167 to get the OTA upgraded FW. Hopefully it will show up as a DM package today?

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